XSF Discussion - 2021-11-30

  1. Alex

    Anyone here who has permissions to update board and council mailing lists?

  2. Kev

    I believe Peter's already done Council. I have access to both, I believe.

  3. Kev

    If you'd like to mail me at my Isode address who you want on both, I can see it done.

  4. Alex

    Thank you Kev, you will receive an EMail shortly

  5. MattJ

    https://mariadb.org/fosdem-filming-party/ hmmmm

  6. emus

    Can one explain me the current discussion woth Fosdem? (serious question)

  7. emus

    Is it about its going to be cancled or not?

  8. MattJ

    What current discussion?

  9. MattJ

    (did I miss something?)

  10. emus

    I saw discussions here

  11. emus


  12. MattJ

    The RTC devroom proposal wasn't accepted

  13. emus


  14. MattJ

    FOSDEM isn't cancelled

  15. emus

    ah ok :-(

  16. emus

    Any reasons?

  17. MattJ

    Originally we had a dedicated Jabber/XMPP room, and then that evolved into a more general Real-time Communications, and one of those has been present at every FOSDEM for... over 10 years

  18. MattJ

    So it's somewhat suprising

  19. emus

    omg... have you asked for their reasons? I think that should be a point I guess that does not just affect XMPP but also other networks

  20. MattJ


  21. MattJ

    There may be a good reason

  22. MattJ

    Assuming https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/ is up to date, RTC is listed as a main track

  23. emus

    omg... but matrix got their ones?

  24. emus

    Is it possible to see the proposal?

  25. MattJ

    Yes, looks like they have a dedicated devroom

  26. emus

    yes. I saw that, sorry was more a statement

  27. Zash

    The whole event takes place on Matrix, like last year.

  28. MattJ

    Oh yes, it's true, RTC is a main track: https://twitter.com/fosdem/status/1465713109176229895 (posted just 25 minutes ago)

  29. emus

    but I guess thats not a reason to not give us a dev room...

  30. MattJ

    Well, an XMPP devroom was not applied for

  31. emus

    ah, I understand yes I understood, but the RTC I meant

  32. emus

    but I see its a main track

  33. emus

    but then everything is fine?

  34. MattJ


  35. emus

    is there somthing to announce / to do?

  36. MattJ


  37. emus


  38. emus

    But is there a call for XMPP/XSF community people/member to attend?

  39. emus

    Should we do this?

  40. emus

    XMPP was born officially in 01 Apr 2000 Ge0rG used to say right? 🙂

  41. Zash


  42. Zash

    January 04, 1999, but it could very well be a date conversion artefact and it was 1/4 instead of 4/1

  43. Zash

    https://slashdot.org/story/99/01/04/1621211/open-real-time-messaging-system 🙂

  44. emus


  45. emus

    do we have any official mobile phone numbers/devices in XSF? in the board?

  46. ralphm

    I believe there will be a separate call for Main Track talks for FOSDEM. If it is a bit like last year, then somewhere in December: https://archive.fosdem.org/2021/news/2020-12-12-call-for-participation/

  47. ralphm

    That's where people could propose talks, when a similar call for 2022 is made. I don't know how the selection then works or if the people usually involved with the RTC devroom (incl me) would be involved.

  48. ralphm

    As for official phone numbers, if someone needs mine, you can find it on my website.

  49. ralphm

    or just ask me

  50. emus

    ralphm, thanks. I create a remote account for the XSF Commteam but used my spam phone number. I think it would make sense to use a different one. Maybe I loose it one day

  51. emus

    and in that regard. Can you give this account the remote posting permissions so I can tweet on the official XSF account?

  52. emus


  53. ralphm

    I don't know what that means but ask Kev, I think

  54. emus

    Ah ok - Kev?

  55. emus

    And before someone thinks of following, please refuse. It's just planned as remote

  56. moparisthebest

    maybe the official XSF phone number should be from jmp.chat so it could be used over XMPP :)

  57. emus


  58. Kev

    If you want an account to have Twitter access, mail my Isode address please, and I'll try to sort it in the morning.