XSF Discussion - 2021-12-06

  1. flow

    due to the recent spam by daniel90: do we have a super ban, i.e. service wide, feature specified? seems like a handy thing to have, instead of having to ban that JID on each and every MUC

  2. Zash

    I don't think so.

  3. jonas’

    (also it's likely to come too late anyway)

  4. flow

    jonas’, after the spam is before the spam!

  5. jonas’

    they're using different JIDs every time, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say

  6. jonas’

    (even different services)

  7. flow

    uh, wasn't it simply daniel90@xmppjp? poezio doesn't show me the jid, and I am not even sure if it is possible, since some MUCs are semin-anonymous

  8. flow

    uh, wasn't it simply daniel90@xmpp.jp? poezio doesn't show me the jid, and I am not even sure if it is possible, since some MUCs are semin-anonymous

  9. Menel

    If some trustworthy instance maintains a pubsub spam list, that new prosody module might be something like that one day. But yes. The crossposts in all channels are likely complete before the jid is banned..

  10. Zash

    Service wide affiliations might be useful.

  11. flow

    but even if so, I don't think that's an argument against having such a feature

  12. Zash

    Moderation is a bit of a weak area that we should look more at. '425 has been really handy but there are certainly more things to be done.

  13. jonas’

    flow, one was, the other one was chat.sum7.eu or whatsitcalled

  14. jonas’

    (I see some real jids in operators@ and council@)

  15. MattJ

    flow, the JID in their message is not the one they are spamming from

  16. Zash

    It was, some times

  17. Zash

    Maybe don't repeat it because they wanted to be contacted there so you are helping them

  18. guus.der.kinderen

    There is this: https://github.com/JabberSPAM/blacklist

  19. guus.der.kinderen

    It doesn't quite cover individuals last time I checked, but it is better than nothing.

  20. guus.der.kinderen

    Openfire has a plugin that pulls from a blacklist, that default to a proxy of that.

  21. emus

    Kev: kind reminder on the Twitter question above ^

  22. Kev

    The one I replied to your mail about yesterday?

  23. emus

    hmm I did not received any mail :-(

  24. emus

    Can you try to send it again?

  25. Kev


  26. emus


  27. Kev

    But the content was simply "I sent an invite to tweet on behalf of @xmpp to @xsfcommteam. There should have been an email generated, but failing that I imagine if you just fire up tweetdeck the invite will be sitting there. /K"

  28. emus

    ok, I will check

  29. crystal


  30. MattJ

    Hi crystal, can we help you?

  31. crystal


  32. crystal


  33. crystal


  34. Zash

    It's generally recommended to use an existing library instead of sending raw XML yourself.

  35. crystal


  36. crystal

    MattJ Hi

  37. crystal

    I use the openfire as my xmpp server. I want to know how to connect server without login. Because I want to regist a new user without login to the server.

  38. guus.der.kinderen

    crystal: I think you intend to use a feature called in-bamd registration. Openfire supports this, but has that feature disabled by default.

  39. emus

    Hey Kev, there is no email about new access and also see no notification in Twitter. I'm a bit confused with this 😕

  40. Daniel

    emus: have you checked tweetdeck?

  41. emus

    is it what I see when I am logged in?

  42. Daniel


  43. Daniel

    That's an alternative Twitter interface / Twitter app

  44. emus

    ahh I see

  45. emus

    thats indeed new. I thought it was something within twitter

  46. Daniel

    That supports the account delegation

  47. Daniel

    Normal Twitter doesn't support the 'tweeting as a third party' thing

  48. emus

    Thanks - I was expecting this. but now I see the invitation

  49. emus


  50. emus

    Okay, all twitter follower expect some tweets now 😄️

  51. emus

    There are some new tweets out. I made one or the other mistake - sigh... life if hard 😕

  52. emus


  53. Daniel

    emus: fwiw you can delete things on Twitter. So usually when I notice a typo immediately (before anyone retweeted or liked) I just delete and repost

  54. Daniel

    Not sure if one can do that on activity pub that's why I wanted to mention it

  55. ralphm

    The internet never forgets, though. And to err is only human.

  56. Zash

    But does it forgive?

  57. emus

    Daniel - agreed. But I did not thought of this quickly enough. I will leave it at the wall as a reminder in the future 😬️

  58. MattJ

    Mastodon has a "Delete and re-draft" option

  59. emus

    ah nice

  60. emus

    I will need all that features in the future 😀

  61. emus

    I posted this in the Communications team chat as I think its an interesting point: This video has about 10 times more clicks than any other video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92egt5-UDwo Maybe we should expand this series. If there are people interested to make a series or other focus in terms of introduction, let me know.

  62. emus

    @board should we discuss verification of the XSF Twitter account?