XSF Discussion - 2021-12-29

  1. edhelas

    one small question, in RSM, how do I know that I reached the last page while using <after/> ?

  2. flow

    I fear the answer could be "once receive an empty page"

  3. flow

    I fear the answer could be "once you receive an empty page"

  4. flow

    MAM has the 'fin' attribute, makes we wonder if we should have a generic "this is the end of the result set (i.e., the last page)" marker in RSM

  5. Zash

    You mean the `complete` attribute

  6. Zash

    `fin` is now just a leftover from when you got the iq-result immediately, followed by the result messages and something needed to mark the end of those

  7. Sam

    What complete attribute? I don't think that's a thing in RSM

  8. Sam

    oh, nevermind, you meant in MAM

  9. Zash

    I meant MAM

  10. Zash

    In bare RSM without any other provisions, empty page would be the end of results marker. Probably without any <first> and <last> in the rsm tag

  11. edhelas

    i'm currently paging into a ejabberd Pubsub node, using RSM for pagination and having a "previous" and "next" buttons

  12. edhelas

    things are going pretty fine and i can actually send <before/> and <after/> when moving up and down the items

  13. Sam

    In that case in particular it would probably be nice to actually know if you should show a next button before doing the query

  14. edhelas

    except when I have this case, and I actually don't have hints about how to handle it, so I have a button that leads to nowhere :D

  15. Zash

    count and index, if you are lucky

  16. edhelas

    RSM sometimes be like

  17. Zash

    wouldn't the Modern UX be to just scroll and load pages dynamically?

  18. edhelas


  19. edhelas

    no, I prefer to actually have proper paginaton and fixed URLs

  20. Zash

    and like, show a 'you reached the end' once it loads that empty page

  21. edhelas

    Holger maybe it's a non-covered case in ejabberd's RSM ?

  22. flow

    I think a optional 'end-of-result-set' attribute could be added to RSM

  23. flow

    I think an optional 'end-of-result-set' attribute could be added to RSM

  24. edhelas

    yes, that extra IQ is an UX problem in some cases :)

  25. Zash

    If you get 10 items + `<{rsm}set><first index='991'/><count>1000</count></set>` then you can guess that this is the last page

  26. Zash

    (assuming I did the off-by-one bug in the right way)

  27. Zash

    (I probably did not...)

  28. Zash

    Another fun edge case: If the results change while you are paging

  29. edhelas

    oh yes, I actually have it :) no idea how I'll handle that

  30. edhelas

    "stop publishing, i'm currently paginating"

  31. Zash

    If the item that you are about to reference in `<after>` gets removed... I bet that's fun.

  32. Zash

    Items added in the middle of pages shouldn't matter much.

  33. obscurelemon


  34. Ingolf

    Hello, I have a rather unusual question. But I'll just give it a try, sometimes the world is a village. Does anyone here have contact with a good, perhaps well-known, clarinet player? Giora Feidman would be absolutely great. If this question seems too stupid, please just read it over. If not, I am grateful for answers, also gladly as PN.

  35. Holger

    Are there any rules as to what presence should be shown if my contact is online with multiple clients? (Now that nobody is interested in presence anymore, I forgot these things.)

  36. Holger

    I.e., "last one wins", "most available", or something else? Or just implementation-defined?

  37. Sam

    Busy/Online/Away in that order are what I was doing at some point, I think

  38. Holger

    Sam: Sounds like you're not aware of specs making suggestions, either?

  39. Sam

    Not that I can recall; I might have gotten that order from somewhere ages ago, but I dunno

  40. Holger

    Ok, thanks.

  41. Holger

    ("Online" is somewhere in the middle of "busy" and "away"?)

  42. Sam

    Yes; if you have one client online and the other away, I imagine that means "the desktop is away but the phone is online" or something along those lines so online wins. If you have anything set to busy that likely means "I don't want to be interrupted but might have forgotten to set all my clients" so that one wins.

  43. Holger


  44. Zash

    Do _you_ want to write the XEP of presence in PEP?

  45. Holger


  46. lovetox

    i agree with Sam, that sounds sane