XSF Discussion - 2022-01-09

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  11. Stefan The need of a product is more for users. For XMPP specification it would be helpful to have developers for XMPP libs. If you are going to develop a lib, you will look into the design and use cases.
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  21. Maranda I think that without appealing users with modern looking clients and/or solutions, it's like the Titanic still moving forward after it struck on the iceberg.. no offense.
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  72. moparisthebest Define "modern looking"
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  196. Friendly Resident Cynic > I think that without appealing users with modern looking clients and/or solutions, it's like the Titanic still moving forward after it struck on the iceberg.. no offense. Conversations app looks perfect to me. clean and simple. I wouldn't use it if it looked as bloated as Facebook Messenger.
  197. Friendly Resident Cynic Although... If there was an xmpp Client app that also let you manage your SMS text messages it would add an extra level of convenience for the end user.
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  209. lovetox for this has nothing to do with users and if the use clients or not
  210. lovetox i was speaking from a point of coherent protocol design
  211. lovetox i have the opinion that devs can also build good clients with very bad specs
  212. lovetox but it is much more work
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  225. Daniel lovetox: I think a lot of the misunderstanding stems from the fact that we give almost anything a number and giving it a number doesn't mean any andorsement whatsoever
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  227. Daniel Compliance suite and/or 'stable' are the endorsements
  228. Daniel Kinda
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  230. Daniel I've personally voted a lot of xeps into experimental that I don't agree with
  231. Daniel I don't think it's my job as council to put that kind of barrier up. not due to lazyness but because I think (thought?) we had some kind of consensus that this is how the process works
  232. Daniel I fact I'm describing that in my council application
  233. Daniel However I do see how it having a number can signal endorsement to the outside.
  234. Daniel Especially because other standards bodies (the ietf for example) put much more scrutiny into an rfc before assigning it a number
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  236. Daniel I'm personally actually leaning more towards the ietf approach
  237. Daniel But I can't start voting that way (blocking experimental xeps) if we don't have a consensus that this is how we want it to be
  238. Daniel It would also be somewhat weird to change the process 20 years in with that many (sorry) garbage xeps already having a number
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  245. Daniel putting council aside I think the best quality XEPs are produced if a group of people work on solving the same problem at the same time. meaning having the need for and implementing a xep in the same ~6 month time span. that can spark great discussions and great informed feedback because they are all implementing it. for example I actually kinda like what we did with jingle message init. three people implemented it; basically ran into the same issues and collectively came up with solutions for those issues. implemented the solutions and modified the xep. only that this happened over 2 years+ in the case of jingle message init because we client developers aren't always working on the same issues
  246. Daniel at least not at the same time
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  248. lovetox i think this apprach puts council in a corner
  249. lovetox you publish a XEP, a number of clients implement it
  250. lovetox after they want it stable
  251. lovetox council looks at it, and says, this is horrible from a design perspective, it does not fit good into our other specs
  252. lovetox but you cant say no, because many clients use and implement it and they tell you: for what is council good if you obviously dont want the things we implement and work
  253. lovetox so the whole big picture of the xmpp protocol design, goes out of the window for a more pratical, if X people implement it its good enough
  254. lovetox even if it violates design principles of XEPs that we have since X years
  255. lovetox i dont have a concrete example, thats just what i would fear if i were a council member
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  261. Daniel It's not like council is constantly moving ~garbage~ xeps that don't fit The Vision to stable
  262. lovetox but if i think about it i really talk about the subtle things of a XEP - do i put this element in its own namespace or not - do i add this data as attribute or as element - do i wrap this into a <query> or not etc.
  263. lovetox i have the feeling such things are almost never a stopper
  264. Daniel In fact council is very rarely moving stuff to stable. (maybe because there is only garbage in experimental)
  265. Daniel Yes xeps that are written in a single voice
  266. Daniel That's true. And somewhat said. But I'm not sure if that's the most pressing thing we need to focus on
  267. Daniel I mean we we obviously get better results if council were five individuals who are both elected and employed full time by their respective companies to write the xeps
  268. Daniel But that's just not the case
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  270. Daniel We can agree to change the process but we can't magically make good protocol designers appear
  271. lovetox i whised it was more like code review
  272. lovetox someone proposes a XEP, then some maintainer goes like, change this, this this this
  273. lovetox ok now we have something we can merge
  274. lovetox does not mean it gets adopted
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  278. lovetox but at least its consistent with other syntax and approaches we have in other xeps
  279. lovetox im not sure we need someone fulltime for that, maybe just the consensus that someone has the power to tell people that
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  300. Stefan Maybe some kind of Mentor.
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  372. MattJ Well, stpeter filled this role in the past - whether it was technically part of the role of "Editor" or not, it's definitely not today. Peter wrote and maintained a vast number of XEPs, recording community consensus from the mailing list. These days writing XEPs is not considered anyone's job in particular. I think that's unfortunate.
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  375. jonas’ lovetox, FWIW, nothing stops a XEP author to gather feedback from standards@ or the MUCs (jdev@, xsf@ or in some cases even editor@ would be a godo choice),
  376. jonas’ lovetox, FWIW, nothing stops a XEP author to gather feedback from standards@ or the MUCs (jdev@, xsf@ or in some cases even editor@ would be a godo choice).
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  378. jonas’ it's just that virtually nobody does this for whatever reason.
  379. lovetox because they dont need to, if you can get your merge request merged without conulting the maintainer you probably would also just do
  380. lovetox i understand that its different because nobody does own XMPP
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  382. lovetox it would still need somebody that consider it his own, and acts like it
  383. jonas’ well, the XEP author "owns" the XEP in that regard
  384. jonas’ you cannot get patches to a XEP merged without author or council consensus
  385. jonas’ (or an editor mistake :))
  386. MattJ That's different to "owning" XMPP though
  387. jonas’ treu
  388. jonas’ true
  389. lovetox i mean i know i speak obvious things, and i know nobody can magically make someone appear who does that
  390. MattJ Summits were a good way to get everyone on the same page, or at least a couple of pages
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  392. jonas’ MattJ, though summits were, at least from my perspective, to considerable parts attended by folks who are only barely working on public XMPP impls.
  393. MattJ Yeah, in some way sprints were a good counter to that :)
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  403. lovetox i thought about more why i feel that way right now, and its all the new XEPs, there seems to be many that use some kind of "apply-to" or "fasten" mechanism, and also what currently is discussed on the list with "compatibility fallbacks" and for me it began with the still kind of unresolved deprecation of XHTML and the two styling xeps that resultet from that. their seems much movement but nothing that guides that into a good channel. We recently added that moderation XEP, afterwards it didnt receive so good feedback on the list, design wise, of course it fullfills the use case perfectly fine. Im really hesitant to implement any of these new things, and without implementation there is no feedback, hence they can not actively developed ..
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  407. jonas’ at the time moderation was accepted, fastening was new and it wasn't clear yet whether it'd be continued and take off, so basing things on it made sense. now it's two years later and nothing's going on with fastening so it's not as clear it should still be used.
  408. jonas’ (irrespective of the reasons for any of that)
  409. jonas’ lovetox, initially, the experimental phase was designed for design discussions, not for implementation, so your hesitance isn't completely surprising. this is mostly showing the divide between the "first code then spec" and "first spec then code" people, I think.
  410. jonas’ the former are often funded in one way or another.
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  412. jonas’ though I note that some of the feedback to moderation et al. should've come during the acceptance
  413. jonas’ e.g. "make a requirements section" etc.
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  450. flow I am not sure that the idea was ever to perform design discussion without having, at least prototypical, implementations
  451. flow I am not sure that the idea was ever to perform design discussions without having, at least prototypical, implementations
  452. flow on the other hand, we tend to hold on to "good enough" implementations. I am not sure what the current state is, but at least in the past, OMEMO was, and maybe still is, a prime example
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  455. flow the initial omemo spec works good enough, even though it has significant drawbacks, so the current omemo spec does not see much adoption (again, not sure what the current state is)
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  457. flow to be fair, initially omemo probably gained so much adoption because it filled a large specification holed that people really wanted to see filled
  458. flow to be fair, initially omemo probably gained so much adoption because it filled a large specification hole that people really wanted to see filled
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  462. flow to be fair, the initial omemo spec probably gained so much adoption because it filled a large specification hole that people really wanted to see filled
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  469. flow fwiw, the subscription count of r/xmpp: https://subredditstats.com/r/xmpp
  470. flow feel free to compare to r/matrixdotorg ;)
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  476. Zash https://xkcd.com/1034/
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  622. larma I think the whole apply-to/fasten/mam-fc/... problem is that this is actually more like a server feature but it needs to go in client XEPs and also no client is relying on this server feature or expecting it, so no server developer puts time in this. A single hand that develops both server and thin (web) client and ideally wants to add the new features (replies, reactions, etc) prototypical would be very helpful here, as they would actually know what they need. But we're not going to get someone to volunteer for this as it's a hell lot of work. BTW: I once built this concept [https://gist.github.com/mar-v-in/e5a6c7f551dab7c833829d604a825d63], but I felt it doesn't make a lot of sense to further write this into a full XEP without also designing a corresponding server XEP which I felt not to be the right person for.
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  625. Zash <hat:prosody-developer> In Prosody, properly supporting generic apply/fasten/whatever seems to demand yet another low-level storage API re-design, which has lower priority than finishing 0.12 right now. The current API is split into a fairly simple key-value store and and an append-only thing for archives, which had to be extended a bit for '425. Even PEP barely makes sense currently, due to being one level deeper than the currently fixed depth / width of key-tuples or whatyoucallit. </hat>
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