XSF Discussion - 2022-02-10

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  10. Neustradamus moparisthebest: Good job!
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  42. moparisthebest https://github.com/BombusMod/BombusMod/issues/130#issuecomment-1034360835 wins for fastest fix (that I know of)
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  190. emus regarding CVEs, can this be reviewed? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1007 Ge0rG?
  191. emus regarding CVEs, can this be reviewed? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1001 Ge0rG?
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  226. edhelas Movim is not using _xmppconnect and not connecting using BOSH or WS, just for you to know
  227. edhelas So I shoudn't be affected
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  231. jonas’ moparisthebest, *raises hat* good find
  232. jonas’ I did not realize this despite looking into _xmppconnect more closely for xmppnetv2
  233. jonas’ I do not like that the result is more HTTP though.
  234. jonas’ but that's, for once, not your fault :)
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  346. Link Mauve emus, where is that 404 page used? I get the regular nginx page on unknown pages. :(
  347. emus https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1001
  348. emus dunno whats not working
  349. Link Mauve Yes, the 404 page from this PR.
  350. Link Mauve I didn’t even know we had one.
  351. emus can you review for pr 1001
  352. wurstsalat Link Mauve, it's a standard page from the default theme (not used atm)
  353. Link Mauve Oh, I see, thanks. :)
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  426. Link Mauve larma, in XEP-0446, why did you go for @dimensions (width"x"height) instead of the more common @width and @height?
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  431. Holger I'm late to the _xmppconnect party, and not into JavaScript. I was assuming the browser wouldn't even permit DNS queries (and that .well-known was invented for this reason). So that's not true?
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  433. Zash DoH to the "rescue" ?
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  444. Zash But you can use JavaScript outside of browsers, e.g. with FirefoxOS and such, which may have both raw TCP sockets and real DNS APIs
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  455. Holger Well sure, plus you can obviously use WebSocket outside of JavaScript, but then why wouldn't I be able to verify the certificate just as with plain TCP (non-WebSocket) access?
  456. MattJ Which certificate would you verify?
  457. MattJ JS is even more limited in this regard
  458. MattJ If you make a request to https://evil.com/http-bind, the browser will naturally just verify the cert is for evil.com
  459. Holger Ah. So the issue is about the combinartion "WebSocket with JavaScript outside the browser (i.e. Node.js)"?
  460. MattJ Javascript isn't relevant to the issue at all, really
  461. MattJ Any client that uses the DNS lookup to obtain this info is using an insecure protocol to obtain connection info
  462. Holger As I said my (mis?)understanding was that querying TXT records from within the browser wasn't even possible in the first place.
  463. Zash You're receiving a connection endpoint over an insecure channel, you must not allow it to alter the identifier you compare the certificate to.
  464. MattJ That's usually *not* JS stuff, because they use the HTTPS discovery alternative instead
  465. Holger Sure.
  466. MattJ So most/all JS clients are probably unaffected
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  468. Zash Unless they somehow do http:///.well-know ...
  469. MattJ That would be more work, and typically blocked by browsers these days afaik
  470. MattJ (if the script itself is loaded over https:// )
  471. Holger I'm definitely missing something :-)
  472. Zash Holger, this affects desktop clients doing _xmppconnect TXT lookups
  473. Zash e.g. Pidgin will automatically pick up on _xmppconnect and connect over BOSH
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  475. MattJ Holger, '156 defines two methods of advertisement: DNS and HTTPS. Everything using DNS is insecure.
  476. Holger How's their situation different from desktop clients performing an SRV lookup?
  477. Zash (unless DNSSEC ... 😭️)
  478. Holger Well. Gajim uses DNS.
  479. MattJ Because when you do SRV lookup you verify the cert against the original domain
  480. Zash (also modulo DNSSEC)
  481. Holger Yes.
  482. MattJ You know you want to connect to "example.com", so when SRV tells you to connect to xmpp.evil.com, you verify you get a cert for 'example.com' still
  483. Holger My question remains, why can't the desktop client perform an _xmppconnect lookup, connect over BOSH, and verify the cert against the original domain.
  484. MattJ (for the purposes of this whole discussion, DNSSEC doesn't exist)
  485. MattJ It could
  486. MattJ So it could connect to https://evil.com/ and expect it to serve a cert for example.com instead?
  487. Holger That's what I would've assumed, sure.
  488. MattJ This is a very unusual configuration in the web world, and would require some hoops to jump through to set up
  489. Zash Probably tricky to convince every HTTPS library to do taht
  490. Zash Probably tricky to convince every HTTPS library to do that
  491. MattJ But yes, if you did it that way it would not be insecure
  492. Zash NSS supposedly made it impossible (which ruled out SRV records even)
  493. MattJ But everyone just grabs the URL and passes it to their HTTP stack
  494. Holger Oh so the issue is server-side. I hadn't thought of that.
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  505. Holger Ok yes plus maybe client-side HTTP library APIs. I see.
  506. MattJ I'm pretty sure if you serve a BOSH URL of https://evil.com/ with a cert of https://example.com/ 100% of everything is going to break trying to load that URL
  507. MattJ as it should, really
  508. MattJ In the past when implementing '156 for something, I did verify that the domain of the endpoint was the same as the XMPP domain, otherwise ignore it
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  511. Holger I see.
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  514. Zash MattJ, I would imagine that you were the only one
  515. Zash Oh, you mean for xmpp:example.com assert https://example.com/* ?
  516. MattJ Yes
  517. MattJ https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2011-May/024460.html
  518. Zash That, or perhaps a subdomain, ought to be safe, yeah
  519. MattJ "This problem will go away in the distant future when DNSSEC is more readily available" -- 2011
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  525. Zash E.g. I'd expect https://xmpp.example.com/bosh for xmpp:example.com to be fairly common
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  527. MattJ https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2017-10-04#2017-10-04-f931006edc04c07d
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  529. MattJ Kudos to moparisthebest for... actually doing something :P
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  551. Link Mauve larma, you mention “Hash the resulting string using the algorithm choosen for the sticker pack.” in XEP-0449, does it mean you want to allow only a single hash, instead of the usual hash agility thingy?
  552. Link Mauve Would XEP-0103 also be useful to distribute cid: URIs? I wouldn’t expect so.
  553. Link Mauve But if not, should we create another XEP for shipping stickers that way?
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  561. moparisthebest it mainly annoys me that I must have read '156 multiple dozens of times, and fully implemented and end-to-end tested websocket support, and only noticed it during some light refactoring before the final push https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/blob/master/src/srv.rs#L77
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  563. moparisthebest and it's surprisingly bad because even though a client does all *other* starttls/tls validation correctly, this is all it takes, an attacker can just block those and force a connection over websocket to gain mitm
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  570. Link Mauve The hashing algorithm in XEP-0449 isn’t clear, especially around hashes.
  571. Link Mauve Should I encode the bytes of the hash, or its base64 representation?
  572. Link Mauve I’d rather the former, as it is what gets out of my parser.
  573. Link Mauve Having a complete example like in XEP-0390 would be useful.
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  577. larma Link Mauve, - re dimensions: The reason was, originally, that the field shouldn't require exactly 2 dimensions, although the description indeed now reads like that. Maybe width and height would indeed be easier in practice. - re hash: the ID needs to be one ID. I guess if you put two hashes on the pack, you can pick any of the two as your hash for ID generation - re cid: I don't think 0103 is a good fit for cid uris. I also don't really see the need and future for cid URIs anyway. Instead just use Jingle with IBB which is effectively the same functionality just that the payload doesn't need to fit in one stanza.
  578. Link Mauve larma, other dimensions, such as for a 3D sticker for instance?
  579. larma 446 is for any kind of file, not just stickers. But yes, 3d stickers
  580. jonas’ what about non-spatial dimensions?
  581. Link Mauve Ah right, I forgot the part where the ID is also truncated and reused for the id.
  582. Link Mauve Why is it truncated btw?
  583. Link Mauve In XEP-0084 it isn’t for instance.
  584. larma jonas’, I think 3d is not far off reality. You could already want to transfer 3d object files which also have dimensions.
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  588. Link Mauve larma, the idea about cid: was to be compatible with existing clients, like Movim.
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  592. Link Mauve larma, what about cube map textures?!
  593. Link Mauve How do you encode each of the six sides?
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  596. larma That's up for future specification 😉
  597. Link Mauve larma, I made https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1160 and https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1161 fyi.
  598. larma Does Movim not support http file uris or jingle ibb?
  599. Link Mauve Not for stickers AIUI.
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  601. Link Mauve edhelas, ↑
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  604. larma So... A sticker is an image file transferred via BoB where an image file transferred via http/jingle is not?
  605. larma So... A sticker is an image file transferred via BoB when an image file transferred via http/jingle is not?
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  610. edhelas Movim stickers are cid:
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  615. edhelas you can always send a link and Movim will resolve it
  616. edhelas but it's not a sticker "for me", just an image
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  618. edhelas I also support SIMS
  619. BASSGOD has left
  620. edhelas https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0385.html
  621. edhelas but also as an "'attached image"
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  624. larma So the only way to send a sticker to Movim is to send cid via <img> in deprecated XHTML-IM?
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  626. moparisthebest > "This problem will go away in the distant future when DNSSEC is more readily available" -- 2011 this is one of the saddest things I've ever read :'(
  627. Link Mauve Let’s undeprecate XHTML-IM.
  628. larma Or not use XHTML-IM for stickers?
  629. larma <sticker xmlns="custom" uri="cid:bla" /> would have worked as well, no?
  630. edhelas Movim doesn't support XHTML-IM, only the cid: :p
  631. Link Mauve Re 0446, it’s always been weird to me even back when it was called 0234 to have various metadata about specific file types.
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  633. Link Mauve Why dimensions and length, and not number of words in the epub, or target hardware for a video game?
  634. edhelas https://github.com/movim/movim/blob/master/app/Message.php#L273
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  647. Link Mauve Filesystems don’t usually provide this kind of information, so the sender would have to parse the file.
  648. Link Mauve That is optional, but it still seems like feature creep to me.
  649. edhelas Link Mauve yup, I don't trust the info :p
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  652. Link Mauve It’s not about trust or not, it’s about whether or not it makes sense in file metadata.
  653. ti_gj06 has joined
  654. larma Link Mauve, the hashes and values in the example 1 of xep 0449 are actual real values, and apparently I took the file hash as base64 string. You can't use bytes directly because bytes could include 0x1F.
  655. larma Also regarding dimensions: It's so that you can display a sensible placeholder in correct size before fetching the file
  656. Zash But why as one complex attribute instead of two simple integer ones?
  657. larma And length is so that you can display also that for audio and video before fetching the file, it's what most other chat systems do as well
  658. Link Mauve Oh, with the <!-- ... --> I thought it wasn’t complete.
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  660. moparisthebest parse the images they said, it'll be fun easy and safe they said... https://www.kuow.org/stories/we-didn-t-mean-to-ruin-your-mazda-s-stereo
  661. Link Mauve But then I can only test whether I get the correct result or not, not see where I did something wrong like with XEP-0390.
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  663. larma Zash, I agree that this would be a sensible option if we only have 2d images/videos in mind (and honestly, that's what we have right now, so probably better to not overengineer here)
  664. Link Mauve moparisthebest, an image of the system, aka an update, right?
  665. Link Mauve Not an image with pixels.
  666. marc0s has joined
  667. moparisthebest Link Mauve, no, literally an image with pixels
  668. Link Mauve larma, ok, so I have to reencode to base64.
  669. Zash Wait what?
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  675. mjk The image placeholders in GUIs are usually 2D because our screens usually too... But then again, the sender shouldn't dictate how their cube of 3D MIP-mapped images shall be projected on the receiver's sceen
  676. moparisthebest Link Mauve, more technical article https://www.theregister.com/2022/02/10/mazda_radios_images/
  677. Link Mauve mjk, skyboxes in video games have been cube maps for about as long as 3D hardware has existed.
  678. mjk With the above I mean: don't limit metadata to WxH, leave space for extensibility :)
  679. mjk Link Mauve: Er. Yes. And? :))
  680. larma Link Mauve, `summary\x1fen\x1fBe cute or be cynical, this little kitten works both ways.\x1ename\x1fen\x1fMarsey the Cat\x1e\x1c👍\x1esha-256\x1f0AdP8lJOWJrugSKOIAqfEKqFatIpG5JBCjjxY253ojQ=\x1f\x1e\x1d😘\x1esha-256\x1fgw+6xdCgOcvCYSKuQNrXH33lV9NMzuDf/s0huByCDsY=\x1f\x1e\x1d\x1c` is the bytes for the sticker pack in example 1 which hash to the hash given in the Example. For reference, the two image files are https://larma.de/xeps/xep-0449-1.png and https://larma.de/xeps/xep-0449-2.png
  681. mjk I'm well-versed in my skyboxes :p
  682. Link Mauve Thanks!
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  684. Link Mauve larma, I couldn’t have guessed @xml:lang was "en". :)
  685. Link Mauve I default to "" if it isn’t set, in xmpp-parsers.
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  688. Zash My 5D chess videos!
  689. Link Mauve “Join the resulting octet strings together, ordered from lesser to greater.”, isn’t summary > name here?
  690. Link Mauve In your example it’s in the other way.
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  723. larma Meh, yeah, you're right. The field was named desc once and when I renamed it I forgot to reorder that part
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  744. Link Mauve larma, fyi you’re also missing a \x1f after the content of the name and summary fields.
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  746. Link Mauve With this one fix, I’m now compatible with your hash!
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  749. Kev This one simple fix to your hash doctors don't want you to know.
  750. debacle has joined
  751. larma I remember there was some issue with the hash as well, have to double check my notes from back then
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  753. Link Mauve Also, the desc should probably take one \x1f after, as this is done for every single other field.
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  763. Link Mauve Re section 4.2, I think it would make sense for backwards compatibility to include the image as oob.
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  767. ralphm bangs gavel
  768. jcbrand hi
  769. ralphm 0. Welcome
  770. ralphm Hi! Who do we have?
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  772. jcbrand MattJ?
  773. jcbrand Looks like arc is not here
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  779. ralphm unbangs gavel
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  792. arc We really need to get ourselves better organized
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  801. Link Mauve The recommendation to use XEP-0363 for hosting the stickers, in section 4.4, is going to crash pretty quickly with real world server configurations, where the ttl of such a file might be just one week.
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  804. Zash Also remember Daniel mentioning that in the context of avatars
  805. Link Mauve Thankfully avatars are still mostly served in-band.
  806. Zash Since you can't put them in http upload because they expire
  807. Link Mauve Let’s keep it like that then. :D
  808. moparisthebest s/thankfully/unfortunately/
  809. moparisthebest Avatars are pretty much the only reason stanza size limits are exceeded
  810. Link Mauve If someone wants to hammer me with a 1 MiB avatar, I’d rather their connection get closed.
  811. moparisthebest It's more of an s2s problem
  812. moparisthebest Like the person in this room who had the massive avatar
  813. Zash On that topic, can we replace XEP-0153 with micro-images instead? (think blurhash)
  814. Zash moparisthebest, Link Mauve, with their INFINITE avatar?
  815. Zash Note for the archives: Link Mauve has an SVG avatar
  816. moparisthebest That would be fun, unfortunately (for the "fun") most servers have implemented sane stanza size limits by now?
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  818. Zash Peek at server logs and look for s2s collapses
  819. Link Mauve My avatar isn’t infinite, it is just the size you want. :)
  820. Link Mauve Any size you want.
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  842. moparisthebest Link Mauve doesn't have an avatar at all for me, or it's infinitely small, I'll never know
  843. Zash Multi-format/multi-resolution avatars when?
  844. qwestion has joined
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  846. Zash moparisthebest, you can still have fun if you find someone with even lower stanza size limits than everyone else
  847. Zash When will I finish that path MTU XEP?
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  849. Zash Srsly tho, squeeze avatars into the size of a hash and use that instead of a hash of the actual profile image!
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  851. moparisthebest Is that spec/code free?
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  854. Zash Can you send one 8x8 block of JPEG?
  855. Zash And like, remove the redundant parts
  856. Zash ie the "this is an 8x8 px JPEG" part
  857. Zash Someone suggested doing that instead of blurhash previously
  858. Zash It was larma, https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2020-11-22?p=h#2020-11-22-ea01a0735a4bc25e
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  861. Zash or?
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  864. Zash upscaled PNG something something
  865. larma I'd suggest to go for even smaller, like 3x2 PX. And then you're better of to use a very simple image format (think bmp or the likes)
  866. larma And yeah, then just upscale them in a blurry way
  867. larma Would be even better to use image formats that are good in supporting low color depth, because you also don't really need that
  868. Link Mauve Use a single chunk of BC7, this is 16 bytes, and it is supported by every GPU.
  869. Link Mauve Using exactly one quarter of the size it would be in RGBA8888.
  870. Steve has joined
  871. Zash Maybe take a bit or two to mean "circle, rounded corners, square, ????"
  872. Link Mauve The downside is that it only supports multiples of 4×4, so 3×2 wouldn’t be any smaller.
  873. Link Mauve I recently wrote an implementation of BC7 and it was pretty fun.
  874. Link Mauve (A software implementation.)
  875. Zash in poezio when?
  876. Link Mauve :D
  877. Link Mauve Zash, the Genshin Impact stickers actually come from this decoder. :)
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  880. Link Mauve Since in the game data they are stored in BC7.
  881. COM8 has joined
  882. Link Mauve PNG often compresses more, these stickers.
  883. Link Mauve Not for all of them.
  884. Zash Acquire some Unicode madness and render avatars in group chat views in like 2x3 pixels!
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  891. larma Actually, I like the idea to use BC7. We just need a mime type for "single bc7 chunk"
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  895. Link Mauve At 8×8, in base64, we have an image of higher quality than blurhash, for the exact same size.
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  899. larma and yeah, it only doing 4x4 is a bit problematic, when you think of images that are rather wide, like 21:9 resolutions
  900. Zash Profile images are all square so that's not a problem 🙂
  901. Zash but you're also thinking of previews for file transfers?
  902. larma yes, mostly thinking about those
  903. Link Mauve larma, you can always put in the metadata that it actually is 4×3, and the recipient client will crop out the last line of pixels.
  904. Link Mauve We already have XEP-0264 for that though.
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  908. larma yes, but those use URIs which either is a BoB cid (requiring sender to be online at time of recipient wanting to fetch the thumbnail) or an external http uri (in which case I can just fetch the real thing and hope that it is encoded in a way that would allow to render early)
  909. larma It could be a data uri if we agree on a file format for those
  910. Link Mauve Reminds me to check for AVIF support of embedded thumbnails.
  911. Link Mauve It was annoyingly not part of the first specification.
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  914. mjk > Maybe take a bit or two to mean "circle, rounded corners, square, ????" 3D! We also need to think about three-dimensional avatars and how to round them
  915. Zash "circle, rounded corners, square, you need more bits"
  916. mjk right
  917. djorz has joined
  918. Zash let's just do 1D avatars
  919. MattJ I've seen discussion of star-shaped avatars for Conversations 3.0
  920. Zash or nD? how many dimension should you curl up the string of pixels into?
  921. mjk > let's just do 1D avatars that's... like... `alt`?
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  938. Link Mauve I’ve tried to associate emoji to the various stickers I’ve used today, but it’s pretty hard.
  939. Link Mauve Is it just me, or is it not fully doable?
  940. Zash Isn't that the point?
  941. Link Mauve Sure, but then the <desc/> might not really be usable.
  942. Link Mauve A proper description (what I’d put in an @alt text) would be better imo.
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  945. Link Mauve larma, for the next version of XEP-0449, it would be very nice to have format agility too.
  946. Link Mauve Since (as moparisthebest exhibited) not every client supports SVG yet, it would be sensible to provide an AVIF fallback.
  947. Link Mauve And perhaps even resolution agility, since not everyone needs a 512×512 Marsay the Cat.
  948. Link Mauve Perhaps using multiple <file/> elements? But then the sources don’t match any longer…
  949. larma Link Mauve, format agility and not using <desc/> is also on the to do already (was discussed on standards@ IIRC)
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  951. Link Mauve Oh.
  952. larma I just didn't have a lot of time recently (did I mention we have video conferences in Dino :D)
  953. Link Mauve (Yes! <3)
  954. Link Mauve There should be a TODO section in experimental XEPs!
  955. Link Mauve So that we wouldn’t give feedback you already have thought about. :)
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  959. Zash Aren't ProtoXEPs with TODO sections rejected?
  960. Link Mauve Are they?
  961. Link Mauve Make it “future work” then.
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  976. moparisthebest TODO is short for "this will never be done ever" right ?
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  1030. emus Kev, would you mind to join the GSoC muc to discuss or give your input on the task discussion? So asking for your GSoC experiences if you want to contribute to the discussion
  1031. emus gsoc@muc.xmpp.org
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