XSF Discussion - 2022-03-17

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  129. moparisthebest this is roughly going to be my proposal for either extending XEP-0156 or making a new XEP, it supports secure delegation without DNSSEC, pinning public keys, encrypted-client-hello, additional connection methods like QUIC etc, the advice would be to grab this host-meta file first and if any of these methods exist (or a flag or something) to never do SRV/POSH/etc, thoughts/feedback/hate welcome: https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/blob/master/contrib/host-meta/xep-0156-proposed.json
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  246. MattJ moparisthebest: looks good! My initial comments would be: I think a TTL would be better than "expires" - most people will not be dynamically generating these as they are served, and a TTL allows more reasonable caching without additional work.
  247. MattJ Also I'm unsure about allowing arbitrary ALPN strings here. I'd lean towards keeping those out of it and just making clear which of the standard strings should be used.
  248. jonas’ +1 for ttl
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  295. Link Mauve moparisthebest, do you plan on forking RFC6415 as well?
  296. Link Mauve Because while these extensions could be added to XRD just fine by using different namespaces, JRD doesn’t define extensibility at all.
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  366. mjk > thoughts/feedback/hate welcome I hate JSON. Also, can my OCD suggest changing "ips" to "addrs" or something? If that's not in some spec already
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  368. Zash I hate JSON _and_ HTTPS and *especially* the movement towards everything being HTTPS and JSON
  369. MattJ Zash, you could suggest putting this all in DNS instead, to which we can remind you that DNS is over HTTP these days ;)
  370. mjk Lesser of the evils, I guess? The alternative is no nice things, aiui
  371. mjk (Until dnssec becomes a thing)
  372. Zash I have DNSSEC. Your argument is invalid!
  373. Zash I also have a local recursive resolver, no HTTPS involved!!
  374. Holger Zash, you're just ahead of time, in 20 years everyone will hate it "I'd use Matrix just fine BUT WTF JSON?!".
  375. Zash That's the same as being 20 years behind? Dang time loops!
  376. mjk :)
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  378. mjk _It's all happened before_
  379. Holger That's how IT works, no? "WTF STARTTLS?! Direct TLS on 5223 is the thing!"
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  382. Zash All this has happened before. All of it will happen again, and again, and again
  383. emus > Holger escribió: > That's how IT works, no? "WTF STARTTLS?! Direct TLS on 5223 is the thing!" I would like to laugh but I lack the knowledge 😅
  384. Zash Holger: Can't wait for "WTF TCP? Encrypted IP is the thing!"
  385. Zash Unfortunately I fear between here and there it'll be 20 layers of protocols
  386. emus 🙁
  387. mjk Yea, encrypted IP over json over http/4 over udp
  388. Zash and http/4 will be over http/3 over quic over tls 1.3 over tls 1.2 over udp over ....
  389. mjk It's all over
  390. mjk all the way down
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  392. mjk emus: I think people used to hate on direct TLS before, just don't really recall why
  393. mjk Additional ports required? Routing is complicated?
  394. southerntofu can't wait for CJDNS over XMPP over DNS over HTTPS i guess
  395. Zash Additional ports or IPs required unless you implement SNI
  396. Zash SNI moves concepts around in the stack in an uncomfortable way
  397. mjk Ah, right, there once wasn't sni
  398. Zash And then ALPN makes it worse
  399. Zash In Prosody, this meant code that previously only needed to care about connections on ports now needs to know about application level concepts like virtualhosts
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  401. mjk But then mobile became a thing and suddenly everyone needs to connect over port 443 because stupid furewalls
  402. Zash That's not mobile
  403. mjk Web?
  404. Zash Yes. Because of web. That's why we can't have nice things!
  405. mjk The full circle
  406. Zash And because corporate firewalls blocking everything else for silly reasons, and people wanting to evade their corporate policies.
  407. Zash So now the port number has moved into TLS, and became an array of strings handled by OpenSSL. How does _that_ make you feel?
  408. southerntofu so how about building community networks to answer some of these needs?
  409. mjk Ironically, certain state-level firewalls started blocking quic over 443 and _only_ 443
  410. southerntofu Zash, i was doing SSLH some time ago... i much prefer having that standardized than relying on weird parsing rules :D
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  424. Zash If only we could have had a sane routable IPsec-ish thing.
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  426. southerntofu though to be fair i i would much prefer a secure DNS (GNS maybe?) and/or crypto-secure routing (CJDNS/Tor)
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  435. MattJ southerntofu, the point is that sslh shouldn't be necessary
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  437. MattJ Nor hacky parsing rules
  438. southerntofu thanks to ALPN or thanks to overzealous firewalls disappearing?
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  443. MattJ I read your message as "I like ALPN because it makes multiplexing multiple protocols on a single port easier", but multiplexing is only a response to stupid firewalls
  444. southerntofu ah yes it just made my life easier i'm not saying it's a good solution, "community networks" sounds much saner to me that working around filtered networks :p
  445. MattJ Zash's point is that the port number used to serve the purpose that ALPN now is
  446. southerntofu fair
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  448. Zash and if we wanted to secure that, putting the security between IP and TCP would have magic't everything, but we can't because middleboxxen
  449. MattJ Now we live in a world where we have wasted space in the IP packet because it will eventually be hard-coded to '443'
  450. Zash in the TCP*
  451. Zash IP doesn't have ports, only addreses
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  455. southerntofu who needs 50k ports when you have many more IPv6 on every ISP-provided subnets? /s
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  458. Zash YES, One IPv6 address per application!
  459. Kev Wouldn't it be better to always use just one hostname/IP, and to include what host and service you want in the TLS negotiation? You can do away with DNS completely that way, and we don't need to get DNSSEC universally deployed.
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  461. Kev So you always just connect to and you're done.
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  463. southerntofu isn't that what SNI is about?
  464. MattJ Hello Cloudflare
  465. jonas’ Hello Matt
  466. jonas’ oh, we're not in the erlang movie? sorry.
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  475. mjk > So now the port number has moved into TLS, and became an array of strings handled by OpenSSL. How does _that_ make you feel? It makes me sad... that I miss all the fun by not developing server software :p
  476. mathieui mjk: it is never too late
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  479. mjk I dipped my toe once, actually. Though the effort back then was spent not on multiplexing services on one addr:port but on figuring out why a sync filesystem operation in an async callback deadlocked my server 🙄
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  481. southerntofu deadlocks are teh worst kind of locks
  482. mjk lol
  483. southerntofu doorlock? just pwn it in case of need. deadlock? you're screwed
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  485. southerntofu i'd much rather drill through doorlocks than debug deadlocks thank you very much :D
  486. mjk true
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  488. mjk the culprit turned out to be ~windows~ an alpha-quality library
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  490. southerntofu always happy to point the finger at windows, trying to hide all those NFS/SSHFS deadlocks under the carpet
  491. mjk aren't we all
  492. southerntofu (seriously though why are networked filesystems so bad? SFTP/SCP works fine but NFS/SSHFS using a desktop environment is teh worst when there's bad network conditions)
  493. Link Mauve southerntofu, this probably comes from the Unix abstraction of files, which defaults to blocking reads.
  494. mjk ...and doing filesystem in the ui thread
  495. Link Mauve If the file system layer isn’t able to provide the data requested by the process, it will block the read() syscall.
  496. southerntofu soooo just try to get "random people" using network shares when it will freeze or otherwise hinder their file browsing experience
  497. southerntofu (last time i tried i learnt that it's perfectly reasonable for nautilus to become unresponsive even to SIGKILL when a networked file system has entered a weird state)
  498. southerntofu (i mean i find that curious but the non-technical user was (understandably) more than frustrated)
  499. mjk at least cifs driver has the option to error out instead of blocking on network problems :)
  500. Link Mauve Yes, being blocked in a syscall means the process won’t ever get scheduled, and thus can’t react to signals.
  501. southerntofu and won't ever return to life even when the network interruption was just a few seconds... great state of things! /s :D
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  503. Link Mauve No, if the fs obtains the data, it should resume and finish the syscall.
  504. southerntofu that's a big "if" apparently...
  505. Link Mauve southerntofu, the issue here is applications’ assumption that reading a file will finish in reasonable time, and thus can avoid async by using blocking syscalls.
  506. southerntofu "should" <-- yes and we should have peace and prosperity for all on this planet, but well..
  507. Link Mauve southerntofu, if you encounter an issue in a driver, please file a bug against it.
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  509. Link Mauve Same for any other piece of software really. :)
  510. southerntofu i sure try! but i'm not always ready to spend hours trying to debug something, especially when it's not on my machine :P
  511. mjk and we all lived on topic ever after...
  512. Link Mauve Oops, sorry!
  513. southerntofu my bad
  514. mjk or my, we'll never know!
  515. southerntofu let's go back to extremely straightforward federation or whatever XSF stands for ;)
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  587. moparisthebest thanks for the feedback all, let me see if I can address it: 1. MattJ, jonas’ , I agree expires is strange, I didn't add that though, that's in the RFC, seems reasonable to add an xmpp-specific TTL to be used instead though...1 2. MattJ , https-svc has arbitrary alpn strings... I agree it's a bit strange in the context of xmpp because we are already saying it's directtls or quic outside of that, hmmmmm 3. Link Mauve , I mean xep-0156 "extended" the json format without forking RFC6415, seems fine to me? 4. mjk , Zash , well the alternative is https-svc DNS records, except they can only be used for https so we'd have to fork our own that then would never get widespread deployment enough to use them and also lack of DNSSEC, fwiw this makes me sad too if I missed something please bring it up again...
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  590. Link Mauve moparisthebest, XEP-0156 as it currently is doesn’t extend the RFC, it just describes two @rel values to mean BOSH and WebSocket endpoints respectively.
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  594. moparisthebest Link Mauve, RFC6415 says these two things about JRD: > as extensibility is beyond the scope of this specification. > The conversion of any other element is left undefined. I don't interpret either one of those as "you can't add anything" do you?
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  600. Link Mauve moparisthebest, given JSON has no concept of namespaces, I would be extremely wary of conflicts here.
  601. moparisthebest I don't think I care, why would anyone be trying to process a rel="..." it didn't understand ?
  602. moparisthebest every json deserializer I've seen explicitly ignores unknown fields for this reason right?
  603. Link Mauve Do they now?
  604. moparisthebest serde_json does
  605. moparisthebest fun fact, the XML in RFC6415 is actually invalid per the XSD, go ahead and try to validate it https://code.moparisthebest.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/src/branch/master/contrib/host-meta
  606. moparisthebest (could use github.com instead but it's down right now LOL)
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  609. Link Mauve You should poke people to create an errata.
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  618. arc But isn't it more fun to leave it as it is?
  619. moparisthebest it's like an easter egg!
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  640. arc If you find it, you win a prize!
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  697. Guus I believe that Dave has encoded various invitations for drinks in XEPs.
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  723. arc That is a great rumor to spread
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  725. arc People might actually read them!
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  735. arc Meeting time, who's here?
  736. ralphm Based in fact, I'm sure.
  737. ralphm bangs gavel
  738. ralphm 0. Welcome!
  739. ralphm Who do we have
  740. arc Here
  741. ralphm For some reason you feel closer this week :D
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  745. jcbrand Hi
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  747. arc Its 10:00 a.m. this week, so I am more awake
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  749. ralphm Nice
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  751. ralphm Any items for today?
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  756. arc Not that I'm aware of
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  758. ralphm The only thing that was raised to me was a message from emus about GSoC financials, but I don't think Board has to be involved and that he can do this directly with Peter.
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  761. MattJ o/
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  764. arc I agree
  765. ralphm hey MattJ, you got anything?
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  767. MattJ I don't think so, no
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  769. ralphm Easy peasy.
  770. MattJ (I mean, only covid... :) )
  771. ralphm Ow. Be well, sir!
  772. ralphm 1. Date of Next
  773. ralphm +1W
  774. ralphm 2. Close
  775. ralphm Thanks all!
  776. MattJ wfm, thanks!
  777. ralphm bangs gavel
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  780. ralphm As you were!
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  786. arc Hey so does daylight savings happen in Europe next week?
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  789. mjk > thanks for the feedback all, let me see if I can address it: > 1. MattJ, jonas’ , I agree expires is strange, I didn't add that though, that's in the RFC, seems reasonable to add an xmpp-specific TTL to be used instead though...1 > 2. MattJ , https-svc has arbitrary alpn strings... I agree it's a bit strange in the context of xmpp because we are already saying it's directtls or quic outside of that, hmmmmm > 3. Link Mauve , I mean xep-0156 "extended" the json format without forking RFC6415, seems fine to me? > 4. mjk , Zash , well the alternative is https-svc DNS records, except they can only be used for https so we'd have to fork our own that then would never get widespread deployment enough to use them and also lack of DNSSEC, fwiw t > if I missed something please bring it up again...
  790. Zash arc: I think so. Last Sunday in March afaik
  791. mjk .
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  794. arc That should be clearly mentioned at the end of the meeting, if we're adjusting meeting time relative to UTC
  795. mjk moparisthebest: > if I missed something please bring it up again... The "ips" field! It lists IP addresses, not internet protocols! "addr(esse)s" plz :)
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  797. arc Google calendar says time remains the same for next week
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  808. moparisthebest mjk: ah sorry thanks, https-svc has these too but calls them "ip4hint" and "ip6hint" ...
  809. mjk Hmm
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  811. MattJ I always find "address" to be ambiguous - does it accept an IP address, hostname? or both?
  812. MattJ We have a few of those "slots" in XEPs
  813. emus > ralphm escribió: > The only thing that was raised to me was a message from emus about GSoC financials, but I don't think Board has to be involved and that he can do this directly with Peter. I was still not able to find a working contact. Thats a general issue with IDs in the wiki. foreigners seem to be blocked
  814. ralphm arc: indeed, DST change in Europe is on March 27 this year.
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  816. emus Maybe someone can send him my a message and to contact me
  817. ralphm I sent you his e-mail address
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  821. moparisthebest mjk, https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-ietf-dnsop-svcb-https-08.html#section-7.4 sorry it's "ipv4hint" and "ipv6hint"
  822. moparisthebest is there a reason to differentiate between v4 and v6 ? I'm wildly guessing they do in DNS because everything is binary and with a defined length, in json seems like you could just look at them
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  841. emus ralphm: thx
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  855. mjk > in json seems like you could just look at them Yeah, the mixed bag seemed fine to me as is
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  861. mjk MattJ: > I always find "address" to be ambiguous - does it accept an IP address, hostname? or both? To me, addresses, if referring to hostnames, are more of a user-facing term, whereas addresses at protocol level seem unambiguously referring to numeric things. But maybe just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  865. mjk Anyway, "iphints" sounds more-or-less fine to me too :)
  866. moparisthebest Https-svc calls them hints because you might look up the domain name otherwise later and I'm explicitly not supporting that
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  868. moparisthebest Here it's "you should connect directly to these IPs and nothing else"
  869. moparisthebest Maybe "ipdemands" hehe
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  896. mjk "ipaddrs" it is, and sorry for all the bikeshedding
  897. moparisthebest "connectables"
  898. moparisthebest make no one happy... :)
  899. mjk "endpoints", if we were to be deliberately ambiguous, but sound modern and jsony!
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  925. qy Say, mod_onions allows tor federation, but only for servers that enable it. Why not iterate that, and have a way to hop to a tor-enabled server and then on to the target?
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  927. qy Because: > Come to think of it (from talking to wgreenhouse about briar earlier), if you just package prosody with mod_onions, tor, and a client, you got a free p2p chat app
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  931. moparisthebest MattJ, Zash how does that check incoming s2s? is https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/file/824b0d7fa883/mod_onions/mod_onions.lua#l268 called? if so it's wrong :/
  932. moparisthebest qy, seamless secure federation between .onion servers and public net servers is an explicit near-future goal for xmpp-proxy, as well as documenting best practices for .onion federation which I don't think has been done before
  933. qy Neat
  934. restive_monk has joined
  935. moparisthebest both handling .onion JIDs and public servers with .onion endpoints in SRV or whatever, which... are subtely different
  936. Sam I've thought about writing an informational XEP about that a handful of times, but don't have enough experience with it. I'd love to see one written up.
  937. moparisthebest I don't know about anyone else but I can never work out the fine details until I write the code, so that has to come first for me :P
  938. qy I don't even know how this would theoretically work, but i'm sure it could
  939. MattJ moparisthebest, I've been assured by multiple people in the past that it's not wrong. But I've never used nor worked on that module.
  940. moparisthebest from what I've thought about so far, my plan is requiring all .onion domains to have a TLS certificate, *any* TLS certificate (ignore names, expiration date, everything), when connecting *to* one (as a client, or s2s-out), just accept it if you are connecting to a .onion the tricky part is s2s *in*, where you get handed a cert and told an .onion is connected to you, my proposal there is to make an *outgoing* connection to the .onion, and trust the certificate only if the incoming one is exactly the same as the one you got making the outgoing connection
  941. MattJ Looks like it hasn't changed at all for years
  942. moparisthebest MattJ, that's fine for outgoing, but is it ran for incoming?
  943. moparisthebest incoming as in sasl external authentication
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  946. MattJ It would apply to both, unless there's a reason it doesn't
  947. MattJ Not a helpful statement, I know
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  949. moparisthebest if so, that means anyone can connect to a prosody server with that loaded, present *any* certificate, claim to be from "bob.onion" and start spamming your users
  950. MattJ That's how it would read, yes
  951. moparisthebest you'd never get responses back I guess, unless you could trick it into bidi
  952. mjk Seems so, yes, unless there's some other check that the connection is coming from localhost
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  954. moparisthebest that sounds like an awesome spam tool :D
  955. moparisthebest anyone have a public server with that loaded that wants to give me permission to poke at it ? :)
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  957. Zash Hello, I just came by to say: You got it all wrong. Now back to watching comedy! Bye
  958. Tobias has joined
  959. mjk > some other check that the connection is coming from localhost Wait no, that's stupid too. With all the nginxes and sslhes
  960. moparisthebest well, good :)
  961. qy > moparisthebest wrote: > from what I've thought about so far, my plan is requiring all .onion domains to have a TLS certificate, *any* TLS certificate (ignore names, expiration date, everything), when connecting *to* one (as a client, or s2s-out), just accept it if you are connecting to a .onion > the tricky part is s2s *in*, where you get handed a cert and told an .onion is connected to you, my proposal there is to make an *outgoing* connection to the .onion, and trust the certificate only if the incoming one is exactly the same as the one you got making the outgoing connection So really, just shifting from name-based routing to cryptokey routing
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  964. qy > Zash wrote: > Hello, I just came by to say: You got it all wrong. Now back to watching comedy! Bye Thanks fermat
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  967. moparisthebest qy, I mean it's still name-based, you just need TLS to validate incoming connections
  968. moparisthebest .onion only provides authenticity when you are connecting *to* it
  969. qy Right, yeah
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  971. mjk If only Tor provided a virtual interface where incoming onion connections would be coming from something like 10.x.x.x, and the reverse lookup would yield the onion name...
  972. qy Why specifically TLS, though? Any asymmetric key would do, a TLS tunnel is superfluous over tor
  973. qy mjk: That is doable actually
  974. qy TRANSPort
  975. moparisthebest qy, "when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail"
  976. mjk qy: it is, just not the default conf
  977. qy Lol
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  979. moparisthebest mjk, qy, tor doesn't even have a concept of "making an outgoing connection from a .onion domain" does it?
  980. qy Not as i'm aware
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  982. mjk Hmm right
  983. moparisthebest another secure thing to do would be to do dialback over tor
  984. moparisthebest but... who wants to do that
  985. mjk goes back to the drawing board
  986. moparisthebest I feel like the already documented "same cert" hack is the best+easiest, and works with anything that provides outgoing-authenticity, onionv2, onvionv3, i2p, what else?
  987. qy In my mind anyway, the hard part is clearnet->onion routing. A fresh prosody knows nothing about remote servers that can marshall over to tor, until an incoming connection _from_ tor
  988. qy So without mod_onions you can't make that iteration
  989. Sam Was this for onion->onion S2S connections? I wonder if you could just use onion service client authorization and tell the XMPP server to use the same keypair as the service. You'd then validate that they match the descriptor of the onion service when you connect to it (or if you've already connected to it and it's dialing you back), no TLS certs involved?
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  991. moparisthebest near-term xmpp-proxy will have a config box for you to put the socks5 server+port of your local tor daemon
  992. moparisthebest future xmpp-proxy will (optionally) bundle tor's new rust library and just handle it itself
  993. moparisthebest tor is being rewritten in rust with the explicit goal of being an easily embeddable library, it just isn't there yet
  994. iink has joined
  995. qy Well that would simplify a lot, just shove tor into prosody :p
  996. moparisthebest "problem solved" :)
  997. qy _dusts hands_
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  1000. mjk Are there Rust libraries for generating Lua bindings? :3
  1001. moparisthebest all bindings are C, you can generate C libraries from Rust, and use them from Lua
  1002. Link Mauve mjk, yes, see the mlua crate for instance.
  1003. mjk Can't rust expose 'extern "C"' functions?
  1004. moparisthebest yes that's what I mean
  1005. mjk Aha
  1006. mjk Then I'm content
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  1008. Zash (So FTR: `return true` just means "validation has completed", but it doesn't record the certificate validation results, so they stay unknown and it'll probably go do Dialback)
  1009. Kev has joined
  1010. Link Mauve mlua is more pleasant to use than the C Lua API though.
  1011. moparisthebest Zash, ah right!, no session.secure = true, thanks!
  1012. BASSGOD has joined
  1013. moparisthebest so prosody mod_onions requires dialback then
  1014. Zash Rather it's _not_ setting the certificate chain and identity validation properties like https://hg.prosody.im/trunk/file/0.12.0/plugins/mod_s2s_auth_certs.lua
  1015. mjk > mlua is more pleasant to use than the C Lua API though. Anything is more pleasant than keeping half the stack in your head..
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  1017. MattJ Pushed a comment to mod_onions, thanks Zash
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  1019. MattJ I know this isn't the first time you've explained it, but hopefully now it can be the last ;)
  1020. moparisthebest haha thanks :) mini heart attack averted
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  1064. emus A new post on GSoC to promote our ideas again: https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/107974022090404224 https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1504571740650934283
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