XSF Discussion - 2022-04-17

  1. kurisu

    Are there any clients that actually make use of <thread/> as in actually expose it to the user somehow? Definetilt not conversations. I think gajim adds the tag but I cannot see it in the interface

  2. wgreenhouse

    kurisu: movim and pre-1.4 gajim

  3. kurisu

    Is that it?..

  4. lovetox


  5. lovetox

    Gajim does not do anything with threads

  6. lovetox

    not now, not in any future im part of

  7. Guus

    > Hey guys. Can anyone help me to pay for my xmpp.psi-im.org? I'll make a visa transfer to your card in advance. rion: has this been resolved?

  8. Guus

    I'm assuming that you are looking for the domain registration to be extended?

  9. Guus

    I don't think that psi is in any way a Belarusian enterprise, right? The current maintainer happens to live there, but the project seems to have strong global roots.

  10. Guus

    At the same time, I'm dreading the risk of me being audited by my local government for breaking sanctions. I suspect that many individuals here are in that same boat.

  11. Guus

    Is this an opportunity for the XSF to step up?

  12. Daniel

    Domain renewal for an .org domain is really cheap. I'd offer to take ownership of the domain and just pay for it myself (rather than have money exchange hands). However the XSF is probably a more neutral third party to take ownership

  13. Daniel

    If that's something rion would want of course

  14. jonas’

    xsf sounds sensible as an umbrella

  15. jonas’

    rion: what's the deadline for the renewal?

  16. pep_

    It's the hosting, I asked yesterday, and I think it's resolved? But I don't want to prevent rion from getting help if needed, I'll let him answer that :)

  17. pep_

    It seems EU sanctions aren't exactly getting to their expected targets. *surprise*

  18. raucao

    rion: you could also move the domain to a privacy-friendly provider like e.g. https://njal.la/ and pay them with opensource money instead. even if you would consider someone a "belarusian enterprise", i find it a disgusting practice to punish and exclude peaceful people for nothing but their place of birth or current residency. (i'd recommend lightning network for cheap, efficient payments)

  19. pep_

    njal.la is tempting but I have to admit its hosting offers aren't cheap :/ Domain offers are somewhat in range, maybe slightly over

  20. raucao

    yeah, it's definitely more of a boutique shop when it comes to hosting

  21. raucao

    but domains are OK i think

  22. emus

    maybe lets wait for his response before further discussion

  23. kurisu

    Does xmpp support ns prefixes other than the standard xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" ? I mean in practice, will servers break if you feed them say xmlns:sm='urn:xmpp:sm:3' ?

  24. Zash

    Try it and find out

  25. jonas’

    kurisu: old ejabberd will

  26. jonas’

    I haven't tried recently, but I would like to hear results

  27. moparisthebest

    Pretty sure current ejabberd will

  28. moparisthebest

    As of a couple months ago anyway it'll still break