XSF Discussion - 2022-05-11

  1. rebeld22

    As stated by the Constitutional Court, the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic is above Community law. Therefore, what the European Union approves or does not approve, in terms of legislation, is completely indifferent.

  2. mjk

    The text says something about some data retention obligation. That doesn't sound like "metadata collection is prohibited" to me, although IANAL(inguist)

  3. mjk

    But! > \n\n5th. Data relating to the content of communications are excluded from the data retention obligation, as, pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 1, the retention of such data is expressly prohibited."}

  4. rebeld22

    You definetly can't understand portuguese... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. mjk

    I can't even understand this in English! Probably need sleep

  6. rebeld22

    The retention of any kind of data is strictly prohibited.

  7. TheCoffeMaker

    Yeap ... That's the TL;DR of that article

  8. qwestion

    > rebeld22: UAAL? What acronym is this

  9. qwestion

    > Communication localization strictly prohibited too. What does this mean? You cant translate content or they cant link content or metadata to its bestguessed geographic origin?

  10. rebeld22

    It means geo localization... be it via GPS (precise) or cellular towers (approximately).

  11. wgreenhouse

    > The EU is voting tomorrow whether to require companies to scan all chats forever right? moparisthebest: it sounds like "scan all chats" thing (a European Commission proposed regulation) may be incompatible with other EU law. which is why I asked if anybody had an informed/non-scaremongery opinion about it :)

  12. wgreenhouse

    still waiting

  13. rebeld22

    It would be no problem here, because the Constitution does not allow that.

  14. rebeld22

    But even the Court of Justice of the European Union has already ruled on the illegality of such kind of privacy violation, given the provisions of the European Union treaties themselves. So don't worry, relax.

  15. moparisthebest

    Never relax

  16. pep.

    https://www.bitsoffreedom.nl/2022/05/10/belgium-wants-to-ban-signal-and-is-a-harbinger-of-european-policy/ (Definitely not sharing it for the Signal praise, this article is too much on this topic :x)

  17. pep.

    This seems to be yet another thing right. Belgium imposing data retention

  18. menel

    EU law is > state law, (see Poland crisis) But if multibe country's high courts rule against this madness, then it'd unlikely it will ever be installed.. As I suspected from the start

  19. msavoritias

    Or if EU itself doesnt vote it

  20. pep.

    menel: EU law > state law except when they just "nope" out. And it's not just Poland, I'm sure they all do for some things. France does on data retention period, and certainly some more

  21. mathieui

    In France there are plenty of other cases (e.g. mandatory inspection "contrรดle technique" on motorbikes is mandated by EU law but still not applicable in France due to lobbying by biker groups and industrials)

  22. menel

    Anarchy! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  23. mathieui

    I wish

  24. mdosch

    > lobbying by biker groups Hmm, biker groups with their leather coats lobbying with baseball bats? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. pep.

    > Anarchy! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Only if you mean anarchy, not anomie :p

  26. mathieui

    mdosch, pretty much yes, but with modified exhaust pipe and much louder

  27. mjk

    >> UAAL? > What acronym is this Good qwestion! It means 'U are a lawyer'

  28. raucao

    EU reguations cannot override member countries' constitutions

  29. raucao

    doesn't mean they're not trying regularly

  30. raucao

    similar to how the governments of EU countries try regularly within their own country

  31. Maranda

    rebeld22: luckily I don't live in Portugal, poor ISPs

  32. Maranda

    Live and work

  33. Maranda


  34. Guus

    pretty awesome food tho...

  35. Maranda

    Possibly Guus , but for that Italy's good too you know ๐Ÿคฃ

  36. Guus

    Compared to Dutch cuisine, pretty much anything is an improvement.

  37. mdosch has no idea about typical dutch food.

  38. mdosch

    French fries and cheese?

  39. wurstsalat

    Don't forget Frikandel ;)

  40. mdosch

    > Country of origin: Low Countries Low countries == Niederlande? Never heard that one.

  41. Guus

    > mdosch has no idea about typical dutch food. Exactly.

  42. emus

    Kind reminder to everyone to hold talks at the XMPP Office hours track https://xmpp.org/community/officehours/