XSF Discussion - 2022-06-21

  1. jcbrand

    Hi, I'm not completely sure where to bring this up... I would like to retire the https://xmpp.work website, or alternatively hand it over to someone else who is willing to maintain it. In order for the site to be useful, it needs people to regularly post jobs, but this is not happening. In the beginning I would look for XMPP jobs and then add them to xmpp.work with the hope that eventually it wouldn't be necessary and that companies would advertise there themselves. This didn't happen unfortunately, and no new jobs are appearing there. In addition, I have to spend every other day removing spam and spam accounts. If anyone is interested in taking over the site from me, let me know, otherwise I'd like to turn it off and have the link removed from https://xmpp.org

  2. Guus

    That's understandable, JC. I'm sorry for it to not have taken off. I'd be tempted to take it over, but I have no illusions that I'd be any more successful than you have. That, and plenty of side projects that are silently dying already...

  3. flow

    No need to feel sorry if the project did not succeed. At least you tried