XSF Discussion - 2022-08-28

  1. darkijah

    I'm looking for a 32bit PC app for XMPP for windows. Anyone... with a suggestion?

  2. darkijah

    I'm going back to windows 2000

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  4. darkijah

    its portable as well!

  5. darkijah

    It's the original package beside repacking in Zip

  6. mjk

    it's 64-bit... and not an xmpp client

  7. mjk

    you may have better luck with Psi

  8. MattJ

    darkijah, please don't post links to random packaging of random non-XMPP software. That's not what this channel is for.

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  10. darkijah

    MattJ Well I thought some of you could use it.

  11. guus.der.kinderen

    Please don't.