XSF Discussion - 2022-10-08

  1. Syndace

    flow: the points I'm most interested in are 7 (protocol flow of secret key synchronization) and 2 (why disable PEP updates). The other points have been answered, are more feedback than questions, or require 2 to be cleared up beforehand.

  2. Syndace

    And yes, a video chat would be an option for me :)

  3. Syndace

    Also if you don't have a specific protocol flow for secret key sync in mind, I'd be happy to contribute one

  4. emus

    Syndace: seldom positive surprise seeing you commenting here 😊

  5. Syndace

    oh yes?

  6. emus

    yes :-)

  7. gooya

    Does someone know whether this youtube channel is really from the xsf board? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3Kq2ElJDFQhYDdjn18RuA

  8. gooya

    Associated with the xsf*

  9. wurstsalat

    gooya, it's run by the XSF's communication team

  10. gooya

    Alright, I kinda wish they were using a better Mic and made videos more often. Some were quite interesting and maybe a useful source for people learning about xmpp.

  11. gooya

    It's sad to see they barely have views/subs tho

  12. MattJ

    gooya, "they" is not a single person. All these videos were recorded and contributed by various people in the community. Good audio is always good, but not everyone has access to good equipment.

  13. gooya

    I didn't think that through..

  14. gooya

    MattJ: my bad

  15. MattJ

    It got hard to find people able and willing to contribute videos regularly. I'm sure if you know anyone willing to talk about an XMPP-related project, or do some demo or tutorial, more videos would be welcomed :)

  16. gooya

    I am horrible at making videos and don't really know any knowlegdable person that is able to make one.

  17. gooya

    But what about some kind of infographic?

  18. gooya

    Would that contribute in any way?

  19. gooya

    Like an infographic telling in simple terms what xmpp is all about or something similair

  20. MattJ

    Yep, anything would be welcomed :)

  21. gooya

    MattJ: Alright, that might actually be a pretty fun thing to work on the side

  22. gooya

    I'll post an update here once I get started :)

  23. MattJ

    Great :)

  24. emus

    gooya: Great! And you are right, there should be more be more of it. I am planning to call for more office hour talks soon, so that will help I hope. Before actually start working. Lets have a chat before