XSF Discussion - 2022-10-26

  1. goffi

    edhelas: I've read your "Pubsub social feed" proposal, I'm not super found of it to be honest, specially this "gallery profile" thing. What is the purpose of this, making photo albums ? That's ignoring all the work done with staless file sharing and all.

  2. goffi

    Also I don't see a clear difference with XEP-0277. Anyway I've just sent an email with my comments.

  3. edhelas

    PSF is basically a generalisation od 0277 to apply it to all the Pubsub nodes

  4. edhelas

    Like I'm doing in Movim for 10 years

  5. edhelas

    And to use the pubsub#type to categorize and have "profiles" for those nodes

  6. edhelas

    Gallery is one of it (basically all the Atom must contain at least one picture attached)

  7. goffi

    edhelas: XEP-0277 already states that the blog may be in any pubsub node (ยง 2.1)

  8. goffi

    the gallery thing is a poor way of doing image gallery, we have had a lot of work done around thumbnails, stateless image sharing, encryption, etc.

  9. edhelas

    I can drop galleries if you want, but today I have thousands of articles with <atom> content

  10. edhelas

    And having a way to specify if the node is having articles that contains pictures is a simple and easy step to present them as a grid in clients for example, using metadata

  11. goffi

    it's just my opinion, maybe others think differently. Let's see if anybody answer my email.

  12. goffi

    using which metadata ? That one of the point actually, XEP-0447 handles metadata correctly (with XEP-0446)

  13. edhelas

    The way Movim uses 0277 is basically publishing Atom on Pubsub nodes, and everything revolves around editing Atom elements

  14. goffi

    here we just have a list of http links

  15. goffi

    edhelas: yes I understand, but that's already what XEP-0277 does

  16. edhelas

    I don't see any issues having 0447 beside

  17. edhelas

    Also 0447 is more message based

  18. goffi

    I'm affraid that we'll end up with 10 ways to do images galleries, and using atom for that feels right to me.

  19. edhelas


  20. edhelas

    Even without further standardization, pushing Atom on Pubsub nodes is the way we are doing social networking on XMPP since the beginning

  21. goffi

    edhelas: XEP-0447 structure can be used in <iq/> or pubsub out of the box, it's just use with <message/> there but it's really not a problem to use it elsewhere (I did it for Calendar Events for instance).

  22. edhelas

    #gallery is a way to restrict those Atom nodes, but if there is issues with it I can remove it from the XEP

  23. edhelas

    Just that I'd need a way to know how the node is configured

  24. goffi

    edhelas: oh OK I understand better with the web comics use case, in this case it may make sense indeed.

  25. goffi

    that's an edge case though

  26. edhelas

    Because I'd like to allow users to create "image" nodes (like tumblr/instagram etc...) and then I'll adjust my Article publishing HTML form to have at least one image attached

  27. edhelas

    And based on PSF we can have further XEP that add other kind of restrinctions

  28. edhelas

    #videos to enforce video files attached, #torrents etc...

  29. goffi

    edhelas: you're using atom, I think that somehting like instagram of whatever should use thumbnails and all, thus XEP-0447

  30. edhelas

    So we need tools to download all the attachements of all the published RSS/Atom feeds on XMPP, create those thumbnails and then deliver them through 0447

  31. goffi

    I have to go, will check standard@ later

  32. edhelas

    For now my XEP is basically just use Atom as it, but we could have 0447 on top as an improvement for sure

  33. goffi

    if you do instagrams like, the picture are uploaded by your users. As I've said, the web comics use case is an edge case.

  34. goffi

    and having a full ATOM implementation for that doesn't seem right to me

  35. goffi

    anyway I really have to go, thanks for your feedbacks.

  36. edhelas