XSF Discussion - 2022-11-07

  1. kurisu

    Is there already a XEP for inline images in messages? So like an emoji but with a custom picture. Sort of like what skype used to offer in 00s with some HTML

  2. Menel

    I think them both can do this: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0231.html https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0449.html

  3. kurisu

    Nah those are stickers, those are not inline. By inline I mean like emojis: 🔥right🎇among🌉the🌃 letters🌆

  4. jonas’

    kurisu, pidgin uses and supports bits-of-binary + XHTML-IM

  5. Menel

    Sure? That first xep seems to do it inline

  6. Menel

    I posted both, because I'm unsure if that stickers xep allows inline..

  7. jonas’

    (it's even called "custom emoticons", and it's (ab-)used by the pidgin LaTeX plugin to embed rendered LaTeX snippets :))

  8. Kev

    Do we *need* a XEP for inline images? I'd somewhat expect that if you send an image with SIMS that clients that wanted to would render it inline.

  9. Kev

    Oh, right, now I read the other messages.

  10. jonas’

    actual inline, not inline-block (CSS-speak) :-)

  11. debacle

    Will there be summit 2023-02-02/03 in Bruxelles? Need to book 🚂️.

  12. debacle

    (Unfortunately, both planned night trains are delayed and will not be ready by then. So I will waste many hours in ICEs.)

  13. MattJ

    I'm going, and I'll declare it a summit even if nobody else shows up :)

  14. jonas’

    will you still be in power to do so?

  15. Kev

    Oh, yes, I need to un-run for Council, don't I?

  16. MattJ

    No, not necessarily? :)

  17. jonas’

    too late, Kev

  18. Kev

    I don't think it's too late until (unless) I get voted on :)

  19. jonas’

    I'd like to see what'd happen if you replaced your application page with "DO NOT VOTE FOR ME I DON'T WANT TO"

  20. jonas’

    i.e. whether anyone reads that

  21. Kev

    If there were only five candidates, I think there's a fair chance I'd still get voted on, but with six candidates I'm fairly sure I wouldn't.

  22. Guus

    As I was involved in previous years: I have not started preparing for a summit, nor was I planning to get involved with organizing it this edition. (I won't be attending summit/fosdem - at least not in physically/on location).

  23. Kev

    Ah, and we got a fifth Board candidate as well, excellent.

  24. Kev

    There I edited the applications page so my name remains there, but unlinked and saying WITHDRAWN. If anyone feels that was the wrong way to go about it, shout with a better suggestion.

  25. MattJ


  26. Holger Weiß

    > I'm going, and I'll declare it a summit even if nobody else shows up :) Not entirely sure quoting that message will convince my employer to send me to the Summit 😀

  27. MattJ

    We will get WORK done. And there will be DEADLINES. It will also be good for PUBLICITY.

  28. mathieui

    You need to put the xsf official stamp k this message! Shareholders will love it

  29. edhelas

    Where will be the summit ?

  30. edhelas

    I'd like to join maybe

  31. jonas’

    fosdem, so brussels I suppose?

  32. Andrzej

    > I'm going, and I'll declare it a summit even if nobody else shows up It would be good to know if the summit will happen. I hope it would be in brussel when fosdem will be

  33. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    Im up for it too if it happens :D

  34. Alex

    also looking forward again to a Brussels trip

  35. emus

    Same here, 1st time

  36. emus

    I can support if I get some guidance

  37. Daniel

    for someone not involved previously securing the location (or _a_ location) would probably be the most challanging part

  38. Guus

    I have old contacts with Cisco

  39. Guus

    assuming that they still work there, we can give that a try.

  40. Guus

    They have always been very welcoming.

  41. jonas’

    and the webex stuff was not terrible for remote participation

  42. Alex

    ya, it was always great at the Cisco offices. And commute is easy with the train

  43. Alex

    I have just started Memberbot for our board and council election

  44. Kev

    Thanks Alex.

  45. singpolyma

    kurisu: I plan to use xhtml-im for custom emoji but references is another option

  46. mjk

    let us exhume xhtml-im! \o/

  47. Zash

    xhtml-im 2 - xhtml-imer

  48. mjk