XSF Discussion - 2022-11-15

  1. Alex

    A reminder that memberbot is online for our crrent board&council elections. When you are a XSF member and have not voted yet, then please take some time and do so. Thanks

  2. edhelas

    Just voted :)

  3. moparisthebest

    > The querySchema field stood out because it contains a Base64-encoded XML document named Query inside of a JSON object, and many of the attributes in the XML were Base64-encoded JSON objects themselves. Translation? That's a Base64-encoded JSON object, inside a Base64-encoded XML document, inside a JSON object. Phew!

  4. moparisthebest

    the zendesk folk may have already implemented a matrix-over-xmpp-over-matrix bridge https://www.varonis.com/blog/zendesk-sql-injection-and-access-flaws