XSF Discussion - 2022-11-22

  1. MattJ

    Since when does a room even have presence?

  2. Daniel

    since the room avatar hack

  3. Daniel

    but I don’t think anyone has ever thought of including caps in said hack

  4. MattJ

    I (and others) would really like the hack to go away, but maybe that horse has bolted

  5. Daniel

    how would an alternative look like?

  6. MattJ

    IIRC Link Mauve wrote a protoXEP that didn't get accepted (but my memory is vague)

  7. MattJ


  8. Daniel

    that would be very similiar to what we are doing now (in terms of upload); it's just the hash that we are getting from a different place?

  9. Daniel

    I'd be fine wtih that. and the upgrade path is easy as well because I could read the hash from either location for a while

  10. Daniel

    2018 that was probably a time when we thought mix might become a thing :-/

  11. Link Mauve

    The first version was simpler fyi: https://linkmauve.fr/extensions/muc-avatars.html

  12. Link Mauve

    edhelas then added support for PubSub nodes in the same spec, which doesn’t really fit imo.

  13. Link Mauve

    That was a process bug.

  14. Link Mauve

    Daniel, I tried another proposal where I would add support for 0084 instead, but it got shot down as well.

  15. Link Mauve

    Then I kind of gave up.

  16. Daniel

    I don’t even remember when we added the presence hack

  17. Daniel

    fwiw I +1 muc-avatars back then :-)

  18. Link Mauve

    We did it at CCC.

  19. Link Mauve

    Ah no, it was Ejabberd which did it first.

  20. edhelas

    I'm having avatar for Pubsub Nodes in Movim as well indeed

  21. edhelas

    Basically it's publishing the avatar-metadata in a specific item-id of the node, it's a hack, but "good enough" for now

  22. edhelas

    Also I recently added Banners in Movim, same thing as 0084, but on another node, and with a landscape wide picture

  23. edhelas

    (and I'm using a movim namespace at the moment)

  24. edhelas

    Also for those cases, I'm directly using URLs for pictures, no more base64, way simpler to handle

  25. edhelas


  26. Alex

    A reminder that we have our annual member meeting today @19:00UTC to approve the board&council election votes. When you are a member and have not voted yet in the annual board&council election then please take some time and do so via memberbot. Thanks

  27. jonas’

    thank you Alex!

  28. jonas’

    I won't be able to attend online, but IIRC I've cast my votes already :). So thanks for taking care!

  29. singpolyma

    edhelas: that doesn't sound like a hack? Avatar in user is item in a specific PEP node, so on pubsub service is the same (same node) and existing code could even "just work" seems right

  30. edhelas

    singpolyma no, there I have a different avatar per pubsub node

  31. edhelas

    But indeed that's a good idea, I can have a Pubsub Service avatar this way as well

  32. edhelas

    And vcard, smart :) !

  33. Alex

    its meeting time, lets start in 3 minutes

  34. moparisthebest


  35. Alex

    lets get started

  36. Alex bangs the gavel

  37. emus


  38. Alex

    here is our agenda for today: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2022-11-22

  39. Alex

    1) Call for Quorum

  40. Alex

    as you can see 39 members voted via proxy, so we have a quorum already

  41. Alex

    its actually 40, I got 1 per email which I will onclude in those numbers

  42. Alex

    just updated the page

  43. Alex

    2) Items Subject to a Vote

  44. Alex

    annual board and council elections, you can see all applicants here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2022

  45. Alex

    3) Opportunity for XSF members to Vote in the Meeting

  46. Alex

    anyone here who has not voted yet and wants to do so now? Memberbot is still online

  47. Alex

    looks like nobody wants to vote here?

  48. Alex

    okay, will shutdown memberbot then and start working on the results

  49. Alex starts counting

  50. wurstsalat


  51. Alex

    4) Announcement of Voting Results

  52. Alex

    when you reload teh page at: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2022-11-22#Announcement_of_Voting_Results you can see the results

  53. Alex

    all applicants are accepted, congrats to everyone

  54. Zash


  55. Alex

    5) Any other Business?

  56. ralphm

    Thanks Alex!

  57. emus

    🤩 uhh wow

  58. moparisthebest

    nothing here, thanks again Alex !

  59. Alex

    6) Formal Adjournment

  60. Alex

    I motion that we adjourn

  61. ralphm


  62. Alex bangs the gavel

  63. Daniel

    Thank you Alex

  64. ralphm

    Yup, you're on the hook now, emus!

  65. Alex

    thanks everyone. I will send out minutes tomorrow morning I guess and try to get websites and lists updated ASAP

  66. emus

    Thanks Alex! ralphm: 💁🏻‍♂️ serving XMPP!

  67. moparisthebest

    excited to have you on-board emus! everyone else is old news so that's not as exciting :P

  68. mjk

    is that whatcha call easy onboarding?

  69. mjk

    congratulations emus!

  70. emus

    😄 Thanks, but I am happy to have all of them there as well an still (hopefully) motivated to be Board member!