XSF Discussion - 2023-02-01

  1. Guus

    I've sent a message to the jdev list two hours ago, but it doesn't show up in the archive, nor did it bounce. Did it get stuck in a spam filter on the server?

  2. jcbrand

    I recieved it

  3. Kev

    The one about moving .work? I got it

  4. Guus

    Ok tx

  5. Guus

    Turns out that emails sent in February do not tend to end up in January's archive.

  6. Kev

    Oh. Golly.

  7. Guus

    (which, in my defense, was the last archive that was displayed when I started to refresh that page)

  8. Guus

    (which is a poor defense, yes)

  9. Zash

    (202)3-2-1 !

  10. Tobi

    🚹.on.some.domain.example.net should be a valid domain part of a JID, correct?

  11. flow

    Tobi, is it a valid DnsName?

  12. flow

    Tobi, is it a valid DNS name?

  13. flow

    if the answer is 'yes', then it should be also a valid domainpart

  14. flow

    given that 🚹 is punycode convertible, I suspect it is a valid DNS name

  15. Tobi

    that what my hunch as well. I didn't find a good online validator, only punycode converters that didn't go boom

  16. Tobi


  17. Zash

    According to which combination of normalization RFCs?

  18. flow

    I don't think there is much normalization required there

  19. Zash

    Prosody (STRINGPREP + IDNA2008) says "yes, but actually no"

  20. Tobi

    https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7622 refers to https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc5890

  21. Tobi

    what do you mean by yes but no

  22. Zash

    "Be strict in what you produce yourself, but relaxed in what you allow from others"

  23. Zash

    Seems to be stringprep/nameprep that disallows it

  24. flow

    I wonder if this is becauwe U+1F6B( was unassigned at the time RFC 5892 was written

  25. flow

    I wonder if this is because U+1F6B9 was unassigned at the time RFC 5892 was written

  26. Zash

    Most likely, that's what our 'strict' flag does, rejects unassigned characters or allows them.

  27. flow

    well it is not longer unassigned

  28. singpolyma

    If you punycode it it would be valid and safer

  29. Zash

    STRINGPREP is fixed to Unicode 3.2, your argument is invalid

  30. Tobi

    and IDNA2008 sounds like it has something to do with 2008 as well ;)

  31. flow

    So I am looking at the DNS RFC for a statement that says "codepoints in the category "Other Symbol (So)" are allowed in U-labels"

  32. Zash

    No IDNA2008 seems to be fine with it

  33. Tobi

    Slightly related, do you know any XMPP implementation that's using PRECIS for validation?

  34. Zash

    IIRC there are Python and Rust (library) availability, no idea what uses it. Do people put this in their DOAPs?

  35. ralphm

    Strictly speaking XML 1.0 depends on Unicode 2.0, so yeah.

  36. flow

    Tobi, babbler uses https://github.com/sco0ter/precis

  37. Tobi


  38. flow

    Tobi, I begin to get the impression that 🚹 is not valid in DNS names

  39. flow

    mostly because I can't find a rule that "Symbol Other" codepoints are allowed

  40. flow

    so even though the codepoint is no longer unassigned, it appears to fall into the default case of the algo shown in https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc5892#section-3

  41. ralphm

    Also, are you really sure you want this?

  42. Zash

    How do you type that?

  43. flow

    <ComposeKey> M E N S Y M

  44. flow

    it's a good question, but unrelated to the question if the spec allows it

  45. flow

    but luckily it appears that the answer to both questions is no

  46. flow

    but luckily it appears that the answer to both questions is "no"

  47. flow

    no, I don't want it. and no, the spec does not allow it

  48. Tobi

    Flow, true....nobody wants to sell me a domain with 🚹 in it.

  49. flow

    is what I currently assume to be the case

  50. flow

    the ultimate test

  51. flow

    the ultimate test :)

  52. Zash

    each TLD has their own rules for what characters are allowed

  53. flow

    Zash, but I assume they only get stricter?

  54. Zash

    Well allowing characters disallowed by something else would be weird.

  55. flow

    and not the "good weired" kind

  56. ralphm

    Even if the your registrar doesn't allow it on their own domain labels, you can still do whatever you like in your own zone.