XSF Discussion - 2023-02-26

  1. Axel

    Just a shirt idea:

  2. Axel


  3. Axel

    Double Meaning: "Instant Messaging Legend vs. I AM LEGEND"

  4. neox

    Axel, not bad, perhaps a bit too much, but not bad

  5. Axel Reimer

    neox: thanks. It was just an idea...

  6. Guus

    Hehe, bold

  7. mjk

    *gold I'd order that! if not for shipping cost :(

  8. Guus

    Nothing stopping you from having that printed locally.

  9. mjk

    yes, that was my next thought :)

  10. Guus

    With the sweaters, I've learned that shipping indeed is expensive, but: it helps (a lot) to ship things in bulk where possible. Distance will obviously be a factor, but maybe best of all: shirts might be small enough to be shipped in an envelope type of thing, rather than as a parcel.