XSF Discussion - 2023-03-07

  1. tmolitor

    Peter Waher: your bot is contantly sending messages containing just "X" and occasionally some real sentence...

  2. tmolitor

    I had to block the jid to stop it from doing so :D

  3. Guus

    Is there anyone that has an EXI-capable XMPP client available for testing? I've found ancient code that supposedly adds EXI capabilities to Openfire, and am interested to see if it in any way, shape or form is functional. So far: it compiles. it doesn't crash Openfire. I'm tempted to ship it. :)

  4. Guus

    Peter Waher - ^ ?

  5. Peter Waher

    tmolitor: Logic of the bot is as follows: For every chat message it receives, it first sends a Unicode hour glass character in a chat message (with a given message id), this would be the X you’re seeing, and then a second chat message (when response from OpenAI is available), with a replace statement to replace the first message. If you would enable the bot again, I could go into it and see what it reacts to. Might it be that your clients sends some kind of chat message (albeit perhaps with some status info) to it?

  6. Zash

    chat states maybe?

  7. Peter Waher

    Guus: There should be an open implementation available made for Smack, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. MattJ

    Peter Waher, make sure it ignores messages without a <body> and ignores messages with type=error

  9. Guus

    Peter Waher: do you have pointers? I've found an old project by Javier Placencio, but that's more a set of unit tests that uses Smack, as an actual Smack implementation, I think.

  10. Peter Waher

    Zash: After reviewing the code I see that would be the expected behaviour if chat messages are received containing only XML, and no plain text body.

  11. Peter Waher

    tmolitor: I’ve updated the bots, so they don’t react to chat messages with empty bodies (containing only XML). Please let me know if they continue to spam you.

  12. Peter Waher

    Guus: We worked with Javier Placencio with this, but it was approx. 10 years ago I believe. I don’t retain any of that work however (it was done in another compnay). If you’re interested to retake this effort, we could publish new libraries supporting EXI, but it would be with a new type of binding (UDP/DTLS binding) instead of a traditional socket. Would that be of interest? (BTW: Such a binding would greatly increase scalability of the broker, even small modest ones, as socket connections would no longer be necessary to maintain connectivity with clients.)

  13. Guus

    Peter Waher: I believe that I've found Javier's Openfire stuff. My first goal was to see if there's low-hanging fruit that can be merged into a public Openfire plugin. Before I start chasing down source code pedigree, I wanted to see if that code (indeed, old) is still somewhat functional. I have no express or immediate interest in EXI, other than 'hey it would be cool if we could add that'.

  14. singpolyma

    Peter Waher: bot seems to just ignore me. Does it require presence?

  15. Peter Waher

    singpolyma: yes. It only responds to chat messages from items in the roster that have a presence subscription to the bot. The bot itself will not request a presence subscription back.

  16. singpolyma

    Oh, weird, ok. I'll add it I guess

  17. singpolyma

    Peter Waher: would be neat it the image bots included oob so clients would render the image inline

  18. flow

    oh kewl, daniel's exificient library is still alive: https://github.com/EXIficient/exificient/commits/master

  19. flow

    even though not much development in the recent years, but that's probably because it's feature complete and bug free :)

  20. Peter Waher

    singpolyma: I agree. But images are typically larger than the maximum(minimum(stanza size))… It would be good if there existed a mechanism to evaluate the permitted stanza size along a route in the federated network…. If that were the case, the bot could evaluate if embedding the image could be done or not.

  21. Peter Waher

    (or is it the minimum(maximum(stanza size))…)

  22. MattJ

    No, OOB doesn't transfer inline

  23. MattJ

    Hence "out" of band

  24. MattJ

    The image would be fetched over HTTP

  25. Peter Waher

    but it is already provided via HTTP URL

  26. Zash

    But not with the "this is an attachment" OOB marker?

  27. MattJ

    Right, but it sounds like you're just sending a URL in the body

  28. singpolyma

    But not in a way that clients can detect is an attachment

  29. Peter Waher

    hyou mean socks5?

  30. Peter Waher

    you mean socks5?

  31. MattJ


  32. MattJ

    For compatibility with some clients, the <body> should be just the URL too

  33. MattJ

    See also https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/protocol/#communicating-the-url

  34. Peter Waher

    ah, thanks for the pointer; will review this

  35. Menel

    Peter Waher: it is the same that http-upload in clients does.

  36. singpolyma

    usually does

  37. Peter Waher

    Menel: Similar, not the same, as the bot runs in the broker itself, albeit with its own JID. So it can publish the image internally without going through the upload process.

  38. Alex

    A reminder that we have our member meeting for Q1 application this Thursday at 19:00 UTC. When you are a member and have not voted yet then please do so. Memberbot will stay online until our meeting starts. Thanks

  39. Peter Waher

    The DALL-E bots are now updated to support OOB markers in responses.

  40. singpolyma

    Hmm, shows as a blank message so me now. I bet I'm not supporting edits that add an oob tag in some way

  41. Ge0rG

    we've got some quality candidates there!

  42. tmolitor

    Peter Waher: now it doesn't spam me anymore :)

  43. tmolitor

    but sometimes I get a message saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

  44. tmolitor

    Peter Waher: it seems this message is a reaction to typing chat states...

  45. Peter Waher

    tmolitor: Thanks for the info. I will review event logs to see what I can find.

  46. Peter Waher

    tmolitor: I’ve now updated the bot. When going through the events logged, I noticed an issue that might relate with what was reported earlier also: A black image from a DALL-E response. Did you experience something similar? Do you still get the error message?

  47. tmolitor

    I did not test dall-e...

  48. tmolitor

    Peter Waher: now chatgpt seems to be dead...

  49. singpolyma

    Peter Waher: I think it would be neat/more natural to use typing indicator + message send rather than the hourglass + edit

  50. Peter Waher

    when you say typing indicator, do you mean composing & chat states?

  51. Peter Waher

    I’ll review tomorrow. Thanks all for input.

  52. Menel

    Yes https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0085.html#statechart Most clients can show it