XSF Discussion - 2023-03-20

  1. pep.

    moparisthebest, your thing that does websockets over s2s isn't referenced anywhere? https://data.xmpp.net/explore/xmpp/implementation_counts It says 0 here for 467/468

  2. moparisthebest

    And converse-tauri, probably needs one of those doap files I guess

  3. moparisthebest

    This is a new search result for me, the MSDS for "Perfecto XEP" https://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/C179B432C92AAB4E8025835F004D21A6/$File/BPXE-B7FR92.pdf

  4. wurstsalat

    > fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer TIL so many new protocols