XSF Discussion - 2023-03-28

  1. millesimus

    > we could expand XSF to include a reference implementation for XMPP IM, that seems like a de facto way to produce protocols these days, no? ;) What about financing reference implementations of compliance suites or of parts of the compliance suites? So client A becomes the reference implementation of "The /me command", client B the reference implementation of "client state indication" and both client C and server C the reference implementation of "File upload" (although one would probably better chose features from the "Future Development" section for this. But this way it could potentially be dispersed among clients and languages.

  2. emus

    I am not sure, they said its not about "a messaging app". however, the network consist out of this and maybe partly fine if we have the entire network in mind

  3. emus

    millesimus: feel free to state in the pad

  4. millesimus

    done, thanks