XSF Discussion - 2023-04-09

  1. edhelas


  2. edhelas

    Looks broken to me, same for you ?

  3. Kev

    Broken how?

  4. edhelas

    CSS mostly

  5. neox

    edhelas: same to me

  6. neox

    edhelas: same, broken to me

  7. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    Looks fine to me with a quick look

  8. Trung

    screenshot might help

  9. Zash

    Browsers gonna browser 🤷

  10. edhelas


  11. neox has the same thing

  12. Trung

    > Browsers gonna browser 🤷 yeah true i can't browse github since a few updates ago hahaha

  13. Trung

    i'm using webkit stuff, looks fine for me

  14. Zash

    Oh dark mode? Firefox? Probably a bug in the browser.

  15. Arne

    Yes, no problem with Vanadium/Chrome.

  16. edhelas

    > Oh dark mode? Firefox? Probably a bug in the browser. Other XEPs work fine :)

  17. Zash

    edhelas, What "other XEPs"?

  18. edhelas

    I'll try to find some time to investigate

  19. Zash

    Exact URLs requried

  20. edhelas


  21. Zash

    *Exact* URL?

  22. theTedd

    the firefox rendering issue is present in all xeps - originating from prettify.js: f is null `for(var f=b||document.body,h=f.ownerDocument||document,i=[c("pre"),c("code"),c("xmp")],j=[],l=0;l<i.length;++l)`

  23. Zash

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.xml vs https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.html renders differently and I would blame that on the browser

  24. Zash

    Assuming that's what edhelas sees, but without the actual full exact URLs we can't know

  25. edhelas


  26. edhelas

    and https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html for the second one that doesn't have any issue

  27. Zash


  28. Zash

    It's because of .xml vs .html

  29. Zash

    The former involves browser-side XSLT, while .html is pre-XSLT't HTML

  30. edhelas

    Ah !

  31. edhelas

    Indeed, sorry, I overlooked

  32. theTedd

    html versions indeed work fine

  33. Zash

    Box models something something, browsers and mysterious ways etc.

  34. theTedd

    check the unminified js to see where the null comes from

  35. theTedd

    presumably it's some element not being found

  36. Zash

    `document.body` might not be there if it's an XSLT'd XML file? 🤷️

  37. theTedd

    body is present in the rendered version: `<body onload="prettyPrint()">`

  38. Zash

    But its box model seems to behave differently

  39. theTedd

    I'll try to take a proper look later, if it's not already fixed

  40. Zash

    I'll try to ignore it for the sake of my blood pressure. :) Also glad påsk 🐤️ or generic extra-long-weekend!

  41. theTedd

    happy spring festival to all

  42. edhelas