XSF Discussion - 2023-05-13

  1. jjrh

    > To add to the "millions of XEPs" that XMPP already has (to quote someone on HN today) 😄 And yet no one says a word when yet another protocol comes out to solve a solved problem because the author didn't bother looking at what ready exists or assumed old == bad.

  2. cal0pteryx (wurstsalat)

    Zash, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xeplist.xml does not reference XEP-0478, that's why it's not rendering in prosody's XEP table. ``` <xep accepted="false"> <number>xxxx</number> <title>Stream Limits Advertisement</title> [...] ```

  3. cal0pteryx (wurstsalat)

    editor pipeline broken?

  4. jjrh

    One thing that might need better explaining to folks is you /can/ do your own thing with xmpp and lots of companies do exactly this to integrate with their product while getting the benefit of a existing ecosystem of fast and robust servers. Same way people build stuff on-top of mqtt and don't just write their own message broker.

  5. cal0pteryx (wurstsalat)

    jjrh, might be good to mention that here :) https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/1259

  6. jjrh

    The major pain point I have had for onboarding people is the client situation but I know folks are working on solving this.

  7. Zash

    cal0pteryx (wurstsalat), stuff not updating?

  8. cal0pteryx (wurstsalat)

    xeplist.xml is outdated (but should be generated by some editor pipeline)