XSF Discussion - 2023-05-20

  1. ISD

    Greetings all! I am Ikjot Singh Dhody, a CSE B.Tech graduate from NITK, Surathkal, India. I worked with Moxxy shortly during the months of March and April, and found it to be an interesting project with a great foundation. The Groupchats(MUC) feature idea in the Moxxy project seemed like a very impact-creating opportunity for the Moxxy project and so I submitted a GSoC proposal for the same, which got accepted. I wrote a blog post (https://moxxy.org/posts/2023-05-06-Groupchat-GSoC-Project.html) that outlines some of the basic ideas and plans for the project - which will be followed by more involved and detailed design documents/blogs later on. I am really appreciative of this opportunity provided to me by the XSF, and I hope to make the most of it and become a regular OS contributor. Please reach out to me in case of any queries related to my project, or otherwise (ikjot-2605@jabber.fr).

  2. Zash

    Hello ISD, welcome!

  3. MSavoritias (fae,ve)

    Thank you for your contributions 🎉🎉