XSF Discussion - 2023-06-09

  1. goffi

    larma: hi. You were talking in March about a new version of XEP-0447 which would solve backward compatibility issues while enabling multiple files and body message (https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2023-03-21?p=h#2023-03-21-cf96c692ef77f4ed). I'm really interested in those changes, is this still on the table?

  2. larma

    I just need to find the time to do it

  3. goffi

    sure I understand

  4. pep.

    https://gitlab.com/xmpp-rs/xmpp-rs/-/issues/88 what's the use-case for <{muc#user}actor/> to have both @jid and @nick again?

  5. pep.

    There aren't many occurences of "actor" in the spec

  6. Guus

    It would seem like that first, 'jid' was the only attribute. That was a required attribute up until 1.24. The changelog for 1.2.5 reads: "Added 'nick' attribute to <actor/> element so that an action can be attributed either to a real JID or to a roomnick". I'm guessing that they're both 'optional' to signal an either/or relation (where maybe a 'choice' element was more appropriate?)

  7. Guus

    I can imagine a scenario where someone that's removed from the room would like to identify (by nickname) who did that, but would also like to know how to contact them (now that they're no longer in the room), using their JID (which might previously been unknown to them).

  8. Guus

    I'm mostly thinking out loud here. Waiting for smarter people to jump in.

  9. pep.

    Guus, thanks. myeah, it seems slightly odd to me but maybe that's a use-case indeed

  10. pep.

    I wonder why jitsi-meet uses that (as mentioned in the issue linked)

  11. pep.

    Wait wasn't poezio also doing that? "Not on purpose" :-° (something like a bug..)