XSF Discussion - 2023-06-11

  1. lovetox

    goffi just saying if you send multiple images with one message, you for example kill your chances to retract certain images, or moderate them in a MUC

  2. lovetox

    then its all or nothing

  3. singpolyma

    Yes for sure. All or nothing

  4. lovetox

    but i guess thats probably something people can live with

  5. singpolyma

    I think so. If you send a mini gallery and it needs to be removed the whole thing goes

  6. lovetox

    and about the discussion to mix Messages with File Transfers

  7. lovetox

    wonder how that plays out then for example with message correction

  8. lovetox

    but i guess this could be cleared up, i would expect that you can only correct the body