XSF Discussion - 2023-06-21

  1. mathieui

    stpeter: ack

  2. lovetox

    the error syntax makes it seem as when the condition element can never have text data

  3. lovetox


  4. lovetox

    but i have this in my library, does anyone know if there is a case where the condition element has text data?

  5. lovetox

    oh wait these are only stream errors or?

  6. lovetox

    somewhere burried is another definition for message errors

  7. lovetox

    hm no ..

  8. lovetox

    Kev, do you allow a message correction to change a security label?

  9. Kev


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  11. lissine

    Kev, MattJ, jonas’: please do some moderation

  12. jonas’

    cant do more than that from mobile

  13. lissine


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  15. moparisthebest

    jonas’: FYI cheogram can

  16. singpolyma