XSF Discussion - 2023-07-02

  1. edhelas

    The "trust" XEP that I saw a few days ago seems to be a really good solution to the spam mitigation problem

  2. edhelas

    Bellow a certain level of trust the new messages/invitation can be put into a more discrete list. Instagram is doing that and it works pretty well

  3. MattJ


  4. larma

    lovetox, goffi, for 0292, I guess the idea is not to keep a local sync copy of all contacts vcards, but rather fetch them on demand. In that case i wouldn't know why it matters if it's a single node or not.

  5. MattJ

    I have most of a Prosody implementation already

  6. edhelas

    MattJ would it be interesting to have a similar algorythm regarding the score implementation ?

  7. edhelas

    Then for example I know that bellow 50% I consider the account as "spammy" ?

  8. lovetox

    larma, i think you misunderstood the conversation, its not about vcards, they contemplated to put other kind of bookmarks (for websites, pubsub nodes, whatever) into the XEP-402 bookmark node

  9. Zash

    lovetox, I think you mixed up the conversations :)

  10. Zash

    or ... am I mixing up everything?

  11. lovetox

    no, i was highlighted, and to my knowledge i never took part in a conversations about vcards

  12. Zash

    ah, nm

  13. Zash

    292 has a section about users storing details about their contact (think the old private contacts notes thing I think Gajim had)

  14. larma

    lovetox: if your message was not about what was discussed directly before it than ignore me.

  15. lovetox

    yes im aware of the spec, still the single node conversation was about bookmarks

  16. lovetox

    specifically about putting everything in there, that some might consider a bookmarks for whatever

  17. larma

    Regarding bookmarks, I think the issue is that we have a flag in bookmarks (autojoin) that requires clients to have the current bookmark list including all contents on start.

  18. Zash

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0312.html was an attempt at dealing with that

  19. Zash

    Relative timestamps tho :(

  20. larma

    I don't need all bookmarks on start, only those that have autojoin. So even with 312 I'm going to fetch stuff not needed for my session startup

  21. lovetox

    practically its not a problem which needs a solution though

  22. Zash

    Replace autojoin with an "open chats" thing, one that will work for both contacts and group chats

  23. lovetox

    as people dont have thousands of bookmarks

  24. lovetox

    there are also other informations i want from the bookmarks like the nickname

  25. lovetox

    i dont need it instantly at start, but its highly likely i will need it later

  26. lovetox

    querying the boomark node for every muc i join and look if it may contain data seems more inefficient as just getting the whole bookmark list at start

  27. MattJ

    edhelas: I think standardizing an algorithm would be hard, and I expect values will always differ between servers even if we try. I expect that recipients will probably want to apply thresholds on a per-server basis.

  28. MattJ

    That said, the choice of 0-100 was intentional, and makes 50 a natural default threshold

  29. MattJ

    Prosody's implementation calculates and returns the probability that the account is 'good' based on various extensible factors

  30. MattJ

    I expect that many of the factors that end up being used won't be published publicly for obvious reasons

  31. larma

    MattJ, how can you not publish them in open source software?

  32. MattJ

    They would be plugins

  33. singpolyma

    You also have to already trust a server to trust scores from there. So I agree it's a good thing to have but that's something to consider

  34. jonasโ€™

    plugins, or configuration

  35. MattJ

    Code, configuration, what's the difference? ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Zash

    Why is "Configuration as Code" a term I have heard?

  37. opal

    cus devops probably

  38. opal

    ansible, shit like that lol

  39. Ellenor Malik

    config files for my IRC channel services bot are in the same scripting language as the bot itself

  40. moparisthebest

    Like prosody?

  41. Ellenor Malik

    I s'pose