XSF Discussion - 2023-07-22

  1. Guus

    More Pubsub questions: > When a PEP service receives initial presence [13] from a subscriber's resource including XEP-0115 information that indicates an interest in the data format, it MUST generate a notification" How does that work in federation? Must PEP services attempt to keep track of the online-state of subscribers on remote domains? Can that even be done, reliably?

  2. phryk

    lovetox, my use case is resilience in adversarial environments. government crackdowns and the like.

  3. lovetox

    still i would argue its a rare event, definitly nothing that needs full automation

  4. lovetox

    so your contact has 3 addresses, and one is offline, pick the other one

  5. lovetox

    or do you expect government taking down everyday X servers, and your contacts everyday registering X new accounts

  6. lovetox

    you might want to switch to another protocol in this environment, particular one without a server

  7. Zash

    like, the AFK protocol, possibly connecting via a PUB