XSF Discussion - 2023-08-10

  1. pep.

    Emoticons*, probably

  2. MattJ

    Like the things we had in the early 00s :)

  3. pep.

    Can anybody with an up-to-date clone of the xeps repo run `xmllint --nonet --noout --noent --loaddtd --xpath "//img/@src[not(starts-with(., 'data:'))]" xep-0001.xml`? Preferably somebody not on Arch?

  4. pep.

    It's part of the Makefile and I'm wondering if something has changed.

  5. pep.

    Or maybe I should ask the question the other way around. Anybody on Arch having issues building xeps?

  6. theTedd

    > my friends are telling me [...] they need two things - a) - emotions, and b) - stickers. Stickers are already supported (XEP-0449), but client support is limited for now; I'd assume 'emotions' refers to indicating emotions via emoji and/or emoji reactions -- emoji is supported by all clients properly displaying unicode, and reactions are in XEP-0444, which is available in a number of clients

  7. theTedd


  8. singpolyma

    That xep isn't stickers, despite the name.

  9. singpolyma

    It's more like a sticker store xep

  10. theTedd

    They are individual images, which may be part of a 'pack' containing other images that are related or in a similar style, which is the implementation of stickers on some networks; how do you interpret 'stickers?'

  11. Zash

    Everyone seems to have their own subtly different definition of 'stickers'

  12. singpolyma

    When you send a sticker the fact that it came from a pack or no doesn't matter to the recipient

  13. edhelas

    We should find a common one that sticks to everyone

  14. Zash

    Conversations already supports stickers because the real stickers are a feature of the mobile keyboard!

  15. Guus

    How are those transmitted?

  16. Zash

    HTTP Upload :)

  17. Guus

    Makes sense

  18. Guus

    So the keyboard makes them available to the app as stupid simple images?

  19. singpolyma


  20. singpolyma

    With my app I've done things to help with constantly re-downloading and storing the same image, but this is just an optimization

  21. theTedd

    > When you send a sticker the fact that it came from a pack or no doesn't matter to the recipient And it doesn't have to matter, but there is the option of sharing the whole set as a pack too

  22. Zash

    theTedd, no! sticker packs come from a sticker store! sharing them between users is STEALING !!!!11!1eleven

  23. theTedd

    those are 'restricted' packs; you can make your own with your amazingly terrible sketches

  24. MSavoritias fae.ve

    without being able to import packs like cheogram does stickers are unsable imo

  25. MSavoritias fae.ve

    simply because no open source keyboard has stickers

  26. MSavoritias fae.ve

    except one that you need to manually download each image individually. I did it for hundrends of them.

  27. MSavoritias fae.ve

    (yes i like pain)

  28. singpolyma

    Yes. Open source keyboards lack even usable emoji selector IME. It's a big problem

  29. mdosch

    The ASK one works well for me.

  30. MSavoritias fae.ve

    and im not even talking about sending gifs that my partner wants :P

  31. singpolyma

    mdosch: it's ok ish but no search

  32. mdosch

    I can write :startofemojiname and it finds it. :)

  33. mdosch

    Most of the times good enough for me. :)

  34. singpolyma

    Oh yes, ask has the : search mode I forgot

  35. pep.

    Update with yesterday's feedback: https://bouah.net/specs/muc-token-invite.html https://github.com/Ppjet6/xeps/commit/ebabc202a0670512793de5421dbbae668ea47111

  36. pep.

    Maybe I should just make "limits" mandatory instead of a SHOULD

  37. MSavoritias fae.ve

    I agree

  38. moparisthebest

    pep.: Well maybe not, like say you have a maker space and you want everyone who visits to join a muc, you put up a QR code, you probably never want to change it? (So valid forever, unlimited use)

  39. moparisthebest

    Or business cards or something, idk

  40. pep.

    Maybe yeah.. Even though the maker space QR Code can be renewed every so often. The business card slightly less

  41. singpolyma

    Yeah, IIRC discord has this invite links can be limited or unlimited

  42. pep.

    I just thought that if we mandated limits we'd have one less disco feature.. Is this one really necessary. As for the mandating a default policy yeah no, a SHOULD is fine there, it's already a good enough incentive

  43. moparisthebest

    Oh mandated *support* for limits, that seems fine

  44. moparisthebest

    Maybe for revocation too then? Feels odd to be able to create but not revoke

  45. moparisthebest

    Yea I just meant support for creating always-good-invites is nice

  46. pep.

    Yeah maybe re revocation.. Just that the listing and stuff.. it just makes the thing a bit more "involved" already

  47. edhelas

    > Update with yesterday's feedback: https://bouah.net/specs/muc-token-invite.html > https://github.com/Ppjet6/xeps/commit/ebabc202a0670512793de5421dbbae668ea47111 Would it be interesting to use this XEP to invite random people in a video-call ?

  48. pep.

    fwiw, this is really mostly useful for member-only rooms. I guess it could be used to grant specific affiliations at some point but for now it's really just "member"

  49. pep.

    Inviting someone to a room can already be done with a standard URI

  50. pep.

    If your video-call is member-only then sure :)

  51. singpolyma

    Being a member in a public room can still be useful

  52. pep.

    (It'd also work if it isn't, just that it's not necessary)

  53. pep.

    Yeah I guess

  54. pep.

    But to get in the room you don't need it