XSF Discussion - 2023-09-13

  1. Guus

    from a random sampling of XEPs, I'm noticing that many IQ stanza examples have their attributes in this order: `from`, `id`, `to`. Is there any particular reason for this? Is this order specified or implied somewhere?

  2. Guus

    (I noticed because in my mind, the `to` and `from` belong to be side-by-side, *twitch*)

  3. goffi

    Guus: I guess it's probably copy pasted from one of the earlier XEPs.

  4. goffi

    or alphabetical order.

  5. MattJ

    Guus: I can't help but worry that you asked this question... attribute order does not matter

  6. MattJ

    Unlike element order which does matter, but in XMPP we mostly try to pretend it doesn't

  7. goffi

    MattJ: in a few XEPs (at least one that I've authored), element order may matter in XMPP.

  8. Guus

    MattJ: no worries :D I'm drafting a document, and was being pedantic with regards to whitespace alignment et. al.

  9. Zash

    I'd probably run things trough `xmllint --format -` when I'm feeling pedantic

  10. Guus

    Where's the fun in that?

  11. MattJ

    goffi: yes, that's why I said "mostly"