XSF Discussion - 2023-10-31

  1. Ben


  2. root

    Ben, Hello

  3. Ben

    can you tell me what xsf is?

  4. Menel

    Why do you ask everywhere, instead if reading the corresponding websites that are always linked for the rooms?

  5. Ben

    no this room said XSF

  6. Trung


  7. Ben

    and then i saw soprani.ca so i asked them what there group was

  8. Ben

    thank you

  9. Menel


  10. root

    Ben, Are you new to XMPP/Jabber?

  11. Ben


  12. Ben

    thank you menel and trung!

  13. root

    Then welcome to the center of it all :)

  14. Ben

    thank you root, it is a pleasure to be here:)

  15. Trung

    Ben: No problem 😁 welcome to XMPP

  16. Ben

    Thank you trung, it is nice to meet you!

  17. Trung

    if you need help with anything just ask. People are (generally) very friendly

  18. Ben

    yeah i have noticed, its better than talking to people in real life, everyone seems really nice

  19. Ben

    Oh, do you guys have a IM system like dino which you like better than the others?

  20. root

    Ben: you mean client? Which operating system are you using?

  21. Ben

    im using debian uh

  22. Ben


  23. Zash

    We have this page: https://xmpp.org/software/

  24. Ben

    oh thats nice of you, i will look at it now zash

  25. Ben

    im using linux

  26. Ben

    according to my computer

  27. opal

    `cat /etc/os-release` will tell you which debian you have, but basically all linux clients will work on any distro you have

  28. Ben

    oh thank you

  29. opal

    the fine print is: which of those will be available as packages to you, and which versions

  30. Ben

    ah it tells me Debian GNU/Linux 11

  31. opal

    debian bullseye; debian 14 (forky) is out now

  32. opal

    uh, im wrongl, bookworm is out, so 12

  33. Ben

    Ah okay

  34. opal

    forky is TBA lol

  35. Ben

    to be honest, i dont have a clue what you mean, as im only 13

  36. Ben

    and it seems i need to branch out my tech vocab

  37. opal

    bullseye, bookworm, and forky are codenames for each release; think of it like microsoft windows having separate names for each of their releases

  38. Ben


  39. Ben

    That makes way more sense

  40. Ben


  41. opal

    yep nothing technical there :)

  42. Ben

    is there anything i should know about terminal?

  43. opal

    it exists, and it's only slightly more intuitive than cmd.exe, and you'll probably know when you need to use it. usually you can bring up documentation about any program by using `man`, e.g. you can try `man man` to learn more about the manual system itself

  44. opal

    but this is probably offtopic to talk much about in here

  45. Ben


  46. Trung

    😁 well ... perhaps you might want to try a XMPP console (terminal) client

  47. Ben

    yeah, i probably should start learning more

  48. opal

    if any of them worked decently, sure. i use profanity on my thinkpad but that's still a handful to deal with

  49. Ben


  50. opal

    xmpp:angrytux@conference.trashserver.net?join Ben here's a general ... oh wait that's in german

  51. opal finds english linux muc

  52. Ben


  53. opal

    xmpp:linux@muc.loqi.im?join maybe :)

  54. opal

    plus xmpp:debian@conference.debian.org?join for your distro in specific

  55. Ben

    okay thanks opal

  56. Ben

    you guys are really nice

  57. Ben

    you guys are really nice, tbh i was expecting a load of people who wouldnt help very much but you guys have contrdicted that

  58. taba2

    xmpp network has more layers than a typical tor circuit

  59. opal

    yeah i dont come here for help, im mostly here to look at what's being talked about for xmpp standardisation and to chime in when there's something interesting, but it definitely is one of the more chilled-out places to discuss things

  60. opal

    ive been in foss for too long to count and its a grab-bag what you'll get out of any community

  61. Ben


  62. s1


  63. s1

    where is the mailing list for xmpp users? xmpp.org towards to 404..

  64. root

    s1: it is currently down. The mail server needs some work to get it back up and running.

  65. s1

    root : since when?

  66. root

    Been a few months.

  67. s1

    okay ; so where to ask for a question about xmpp?

  68. Zash

    the mailinglists themselves are up, but the web archives are not

  69. Zash

    s1, I think https://search.jabber.network/search?q=joinjabber may be good places to ask questions

  70. s1

    https://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/juser 404

  71. s1

    zash : it's xmpp, not email :)

  72. Zash

    I would imagine that you can still join by emailing mailto:juser-join@xmpp.org

  73. Daniel

    I imagine you'll have better luck getting you questions answered in one of the MUCs tho

  74. s1

    <juser-join@xmpp.org>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table

  75. Daniel

    Or that one lemmy instance

  76. Zash

    Didn't that get shut down?

  77. pep.


  78. Zash

    s1, how important is it that the questions be asked over email?

  79. Zash

    I would definitely expect better responses from here, one of the joinjabber chats or anywhere but email.

  80. moparisthebest

    TIL we have a users email list :/

  81. Zash

    moparisthebest, s/have/had/

  82. Zash

    And it wasn't all that active judging from https://web.archive.org/web/20211203095758/https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/juser/

  83. moparisthebest

    Oh good I feel better now :)

  84. s1


  85. Daniel

    We might want to consider to remove anything but standards and members

  86. s1

    but a working forum would be very welcome, it's the same weight as a website for getting knowledge and exchange about a subject on the interet

  87. nicoco

    s1: I think this type of question is suited for xmpp:suppoer@joinjabber.org?join but you can ask here too. Monal is the client to recommend for iOS users apparently, these days. 😊

  88. Menel

    And about simple first setup: snikket invite link is still the most simple way (also works with the invites modules on prosody)

  89. s1

    Menel, there is a invite link for snikket? with account creation etc?

  90. MattJ

    Yes, Snikket servers only support that kind of account creation

  91. s1

    mattj : is it easy?

  92. Zash

    https://blog.prosody.im/great-invitations/ might be of interest

  93. MattJ

    s1: easy is exactly what I made it for, because I wanted to be able to e.g. get my family to use XMPP without a lot of frustration