XSF Discussion - 2023-11-04

  1. MSavoritias fae.ve

    Is there a way to block entire domains from joining in MUCs? I see outcasts in gajim so i was wondering if i could add a wildcard there for two domains

  2. Daniel

    Not a wildcard but just the domain should work

  3. MSavoritias fae.ve

    Nice. Amazing. Thank you 🙏

  4. MSavoritias fae.ve

    It has gotten so bad i was considering closing the room

  5. taba2

    MSavoritias fae.ve, there's a centralized blocklist. might be helpful

  6. taba2

    i think it has only banned spammers

  7. taba2

    so far

  8. MSavoritias fae.ve

    Its not my server though :/

  9. MSavoritias fae.ve

    Im just the mod

  10. taba2

    you can add a bot that does the same

  11. taba2


  12. taba2

    MSavoritias fae.ve, ^

  13. s1


  14. s1

    i tried snikket on ios, i wonder how to get the enter/return key? i can't do sort of return to a new line eg this i cant write on two distinct lines

  15. emus

    This is just great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GurbaZzwYvU

  16. emus

    YES! https://youtu.be/GurbaZzwYvU?t=1075 That moment is a great success, thank you cal0pteryx !!

  17. Daniel

    Who to correctly pronounce omemo is a bigger controversy than gif

  18. lovetox

    i speak it like i read it in german :)

  19. Daniel

    How to correctly pronounce omemo is a bigger controversy than gif

  20. singpolyma

    Aw meemaw obviously :troll:

  21. emus

    Omenno 🙂

  22. emus

    German only joke 🙂

  23. moparisthebest

    Oh memo!

  24. pep.

    /omemo/ (IPA, not the beer). Just like a french person would read :)