XSF Discussion - 2024-01-28

  1. m1k3

    Are there any good servers to join? I checked the jabber.at list but most seem dead.

  2. root

    m1k3: try search.jabber.network

  3. m1k3

    Oh cool, thank you

  4. mdosch

    m1k3: https://providers.xmpp.net/ rather. The other one is a search engine for MUCs.

  5. m1k3

    mdosch: Thank you, actually MUCs is what I wanted. I should have said that instead of servers.

  6. ME

    Yesterday, 8:45 PM: > Thanks a lot, I'll read as soon as I'll arrive. But, ME take a look at the project anyway, may be it's not the kind you wish to participate, it's https://git.macaw.me/blue/squawk. Now master branch is very old, I've been working on encryption branch, and I'm a little bit stuck there Sure, will have a look and let you know

  7. ME

    The link you provided doesn't open

  8. mdosch

    Remove the trailing dot.

  9. ME

    Ahh right, thanks!

  10. ME

    The project fits for me

  11. ME

    Blue: you in KDE too right?

  12. blue


  13. ME

    I already had one conversation with you earlier in the KDE chat last year

  14. ME

    blue: I have texted you personally sir

  15. blue

    ME: I'm so sorry, I don't remember, shall we better go private chat before people get angry ?

  16. ME

    Sure thing sir, I already have texted you

  17. blue

    Maybe it's not me, because I don't see anything

  18. ME

    Can you please share you jabber address?

  19. ME

    > Maybe it's not me, because I don't see anything I have texted you on XSF private chat

  20. blue

    Sure, it's blue@macaw.me

  21. MattJ

    Private messaging is disabled in this channel

  22. ME


  23. ME

    > Private messaging is disabled in this channel Alright

  24. emus

    Yesterday a friend as how XMPP is handling "load handling". The question was around how so many servers or messages can be handled. I couldn't really answer. What would be a good answer to this. I think there is also some misconception involved.

  25. jonas’

    as usual, it depends™

  26. emus

    Usually they don't have too much load and the big servers do have management around it?

  27. jonas’

    I don't know what you mean by management

  28. emus

    I think manage high loads of messages going in and out (if that is seen as load)

  29. moparisthebest

    emus: https://www.process-one.net/blog/ejabberd-nintendo-switch-npns/ is the only article I know of with hard numbers

  30. moparisthebest

    My usual answer to a vague question like "how many" is "enough" 😁

  31. jonas’


  32. emus

    Thanks, yeah I couldn't also elaborate his questions further. He might think that all the XMPP traffic goes through every server or so

  33. singpolyma

    I think even at peak jabber.org was a single server, yeah?

  34. moparisthebest

    > Thanks, yeah I couldn't also elaborate his questions further. He might think that all the XMPP traffic goes through every server or so emus: yea true in matrix but not XMPP

  35. emus

    okay thanks

  36. emus

    A kind reminder that the right entry in the the DOAP file will show the respective buttons below. Good example from Gajim:

  37. emus


  38. emus

    Dear all, we have successfully signed-up at Outreachy as community: https://www.outreachy.org/communities/cfp/xmpp-extensible-messaging-and-presence-protocol/ We are slowly getting familiar with the program which differs in several parts from e.g. Google Summer of Code. With the support of JMP.chat we have also a funding for one project. This allows us to apply for Outreachy funding as well. So, by this message I invite to sign-up with project ideas on our page. Please read the guidelines before you are engaging in this and make yourself familiar with the program: https://www.outreachy.org/mentor/#mentor If you have questions feel free to reach out and I will try to answer for you. Other then that, the Google Summer of Code 2024 application is pending and you can engage in this program, too.