XSF Discussion - 2024-02-09

  1. tmp

    Hello to all, I was wondering if the community could help me to start understanding the xmpp/rfcs make up the core and where to begin implementing the protocol

  2. singpolyma

    tmp: what are you looking to do?

  3. tmp

    Implementing the core

  4. singpolyma

    For what purpose?

  5. tmp

    I want to later integrate teams,discord and irc into a centralized system, as far as implementation I want to do it in rust to later compile it down to wasm

  6. tmp

    The wasm part is to make it portable on all archs and web

  7. tmp

    The wasm part is because I want to later make it a rs package and also a wasmer package

  8. SavagePeanut

    You may be interested in slidge. It's a server side component to bridge discord, whatsapp, telegram, that stuff. There isn't yet a teams version

  9. SavagePeanut

    Biboumi is one for irc

  10. SavagePeanut

    Biboumi is a bridge for irc

  11. tmp

    Nice thanks for the info

  12. mathieui

    tmp, you might want to look into xmpp-rs as well

  13. cal0pteryx

    Is there a list of xmpp bots (news, device control, software hooks, etc.) somewhere? I was wondering whether we should have a "Bot" section in https://xmpp.org/software/

  14. MattJ

    I think the closest currently is 'Tools'

  15. mdosch

    ⚒️ 🔧

  16. manday

    ⚒️ socialism from wish.com

  17. hook

    It just dawned on me one thing where Matrix, Mastodon and the ActivityPub crowd in general perhaps have a leg up compared to XMPP is that them being web-based, they managed to more easily draw in some web designers and so managed to make a more modern looking UI/UX faster.

  18. Menel

    Yes, these days 98% is web 🕸

  19. hook

    FOSS in general is notoriously bad when it comes to UX polish, so the few exceptions stick out.

  20. Menel

    Good thing xmpp can also be web based easily

  21. hook

    And, yes, web design is easier to get a hold off and often easier to implement

  22. hook

    > Good thing xmpp can also be web based easily Sure. But it might make sense to fund better UX for clients - both web and native.

  23. mathieui

    Key word here is "fund"

  24. Menel

    But the xsf doesn't fund single apps

  25. Menel

    Snikket web dev thing on the other hand...

  26. Menel


  27. mathieui

    The XSF is too neutral to even promote specific clients, let alone give them money (and also the money has to come from somewhere)

  28. Menel

    Oups sorry for the evil link

  29. Zash

    https://snikket.org/blog/simply-secure-collaboration/ might be of interest

  30. hook

    > Key word here is "fund" Agreed. But if XSF can’t we might need to find someone else. NLnet is a common option, but that’s grant-based. One option would be for individual clients to set up a fiscal sponsor account if they don’t have their own organisation already.

  31. hook

    Silly idea: would a HID/UX XEP be out of scope of the XSF or not?

  32. MattJ

    That's modernxmpp.org

  33. singpolyma

    I think XSF might be willing to act as fiscal sponsor for client and server projects

  34. singpolyma

    Which is different from giving them money and much more neutral

  35. pep.

    Well it isn't, neutral, but whatever

  36. singpolyma

    I said more neutral :p conceivably nonfree members could object to fiscal sponsorship of mostly free software projects or something like that. But in practice i don't think that's likely to be an issue

  37. pep.

    nonfree members generally have money so sponsoring free software solutions that aren't already backed by nonfree entities would make it slightly more balanced already :)

  38. moparisthebest

    > And, yes, web design is easier to get a hold off and often easier to implement hook: you can make a XMPP client totally with "web" tech and design though

  39. hook

    moparisthebest: I know, there's a few already. Just saying that it feels like many ActivityPub projects seem to have caught the hype wind and through mostly aesthetics gathered a crowd. Many lack most features, but _look_ polished, so people flock towards that. (IMHO, ICBTW)

  40. moparisthebest

    I'm not sure I buy that, but it's reasonable