XSF Discussion - 2024-03-15

  1. MattJ

    Today's "I've never seen this before" from XEP-0045: <field label='FAQ Entry' type='text-multi' var='muc#register_faqentry'/> </x>

  2. MattJ

    Today's "I've never seen this before" from XEP-0045: <field label='FAQ Entry' type='text-multi' var='muc#register_faqentry'/>

  3. MattJ

    It's part of the standard MUC config FORM_TYPE

  4. Zash

    And by pure coincidence, someone just requested this feature?

  5. MattJ

    I hope not, not that I'm aware

  6. Zash

    In 3.. 2..

  7. MattJ

    Oh no

  8. singpolyma

    I'm not confident what it's for. Profile of some kind

  9. lovetox

    damn i need this

  10. MattJ

    Thanks lovetox, you've done it

  11. lovetox

    event text multi

  12. singpolyma

    Luckily prosody already lets you have any fields you like 😉

  13. lovetox

    omg how nice

  14. lovetox

    so i can add unlimited amout of links

  15. lovetox

    but hm i would need a description for each of it ..

  16. MattJ

    Oh, right, it's not part of the config form, it's part of the registration form

  17. MattJ

    So it's per user

  18. MattJ

    I don't know why it's called "FAQ Entry"

  19. lovetox

    to display a link to a FAQ for registration?

  20. lovetox

    its this nickname registration feature?

  21. MattJ

    Yes, it's something the user/client provides when registering with the room

  22. Zash

    Perhaps some sort of overloading of registration for adding FAQ entries?

  23. MattJ

    "In the context of an open room, the member list is simply a list of users (bare JID and reserved nick) who are registered with the room. Such users may appear in a room roster, have their room nickname reserved, be returned in search results or FAQ queries, and the like."

  24. singpolyma

    I think some old social networks had like "faq about me" as part of profile

  25. Zash

    Hm, these details except the `roomnick` seems obsoleted by having vCard passtrough.

  26. Zash

    A thought that occurred to me: You could have a checkbox 'share my profile details with others' that would enable vcard/pep passtrough

  27. singpolyma

    That sounds nice

  28. MattJ


  29. MattJ

    Better than making it per-room config

  30. singpolyma

    Could have per room set the default maybe. But probably most will default to on as now

  31. MattJ

    I can see arguments for defaulting to "off", for "guest" users

  32. singpolyma

    Also only meaningful on semi anon room of course

  33. Zash

    Could default it to off to pressure clients into implementing full form registration :)

  34. Zash

    No idea what the state of registration is at all

  35. singpolyma

    I just implemented nick only auto registration in my last release. Full form I plan to add

  36. Zash

    ```xml <field var='muc#register_faqentry'> <value>Just another witch.</value> </field> ```

  37. singpolyma

    AFAIcT how to include other fields in prosody is currently undocumented?

  38. lovetox

    and how would i change such a setting afterwards?

  39. lovetox

    i assume i cannot use the register form flow if im already registered

  40. singpolyma

    You should be able to

  41. singpolyma

    That's how IBR protocol usually works

  42. singpolyma

    Returns the registration form with a <registered/> marker and your current settings filled in

  43. pep.

    > Better than making it per-room config Different.

  44. lovetox

    hm ok was not obvious for me, but good if that works

  45. MattJ

    pep., to me better == a user/client can make privacy-impacting choices, rather than being stuck with whatever the server/room admin decides (or forgets to decide)

  46. cal0pteryx

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/ received some improvements, namely: - performance improvements due to less elements rendered at once (concerning the implementations table) - wider layout on smaller screens - count of displayed/hidden XEPs

  47. lovetox

    i dont see the counter

  48. lovetox

    but i like the page, looks good

  49. lovetox

    hm what could be really fixed is adding a dedicated muc archiving setting

  50. lovetox

    i just looked through my codebase and i see prosody: muc#roomconfig_enablearchiving (i didnt find this in the XEP) ejabberd: uses a field "mam" openfire: no idea, Guus ?

  51. lovetox

    ah yes and the XEP has additionally "muc#roomconfig_enablelogging"

  52. lovetox

    but seeing all the other custom config options, i dont even know what this does anymore

  53. lovetox


  54. lovetox

    this is missing multiple config options that are in examples in the XEP