XSF Discussion - 2024-03-22

  1. s1

    hello i saw today that android is going to support RCS on satellite connection, via API. does xmpp could compete on this?

  2. MattJ

    > Google says Android 15 will let third-party SMS and MMS applications tap into the satellite connectivity APIs, but enhanced messaging with RCS support will be limited to "preloaded" applications only. Likely not...

  3. s1

    yep.. means google everywhere or nowhere.. is google the microsoft of 2000's?

  4. s1

    but i dont know if they target some specific ISP, like iridium, inmarsat or globalstar?

  5. mathieui

    s1: google is essentially preventing anyone from using RCS for useful purposes on android, satellite connectivity or not

  6. moparisthebest

    RCS is yet another Google owned proprietary trash system, just say no

  7. s1

    moparisthebest, i know it well, like whapp i always boycotted rcs : when available i already had others messaging apps, but now only xmpp/sip

  8. Guus

    Unsure what exactly the question is here, but there are XMPP deployments that use very high latency connections. Stuff like FMUC was spec'd for that.

  9. singpolyma

    XMPP via satellite direct to device is probably possible, but will depend on how this is actually implemented by carriers of course

  10. s1

    singpolyma, let's try xmpp through starlink then? or inmarsat :o

  11. singpolyma

    You mean normal satellite Internet? It will obviously work there I used it on vsat for years

  12. s1

    singpolyma, not a fixed access, but eg in maritime services

  13. singpolyma

    Sure, like the bgan stuff? Should be no problem there are well

  14. singpolyma

    I have done lite web browsing with a bgan so xmpp should be easy

  15. s1


  16. singpolyma

    The portable backpack sattelites

  17. s1

    ahh okay.. i dont know well about satellite.. if offers internet low speed?

  18. singpolyma


  19. s1

    i guess its more expensive and slow than starlink.. but satellite is then used through a dedicated kind of router, not directly on smartphone?

  20. s1

    (i would dream of a postmarket satellite phone running dino..)

  21. singpolyma

    Right. Directly on smartphone is a new experimental thing happening. And it's much lower bandwidth yet again