XSF Discussion - 2024-03-26

  1. Daniel

    lovetox: I think we generally came to the conclusion that everything always references the original (Stanza) id, no?

  2. Daniel

    Like reactions and so

  3. Daniel

    Because just because you edit doesn't mean your reactions go away

  4. Daniel

    Even further edits would reference the original id

  5. Daniel

    I just read LMC business rules again. I think that's clear(ish) from those rules.

  6. Daniel

    Whether it's clear or not it's definitely easier to define this once in LMC instead of having each XEP that references other messages state that

  7. Daniel

    Seems like you arrived at a similar conclusion in jdev last night

  8. lovetox

    No the conclusion was that display markers should not so that

  9. lovetox

    Also for receipts these feels weird

  10. Daniel

    Receipts are network level. I don't think we should factor that in (meaning just because receipts behave like that shouldn't mean display markers should too)

  11. Guus

    What are sensible maximum stanza sizes?

  12. Guus

    Openfire defines 1MB as an upper bound. What do other implementation do?

  13. MattJ

    Guus, 1024 * 256 bytes on c2s, 1024 * 512 bytes on s2s

  14. Zash

    We got those from ejabberd :)

  15. MattJ


  16. MattJ

    You want some overhead between what you accept from clients, and what servers will accept from you, so you'll want your c2s limit to be under (512KB - whatever payloads you might add, such as <delay>)

  17. Zash

    Pubsub <items> responses is another thing worth thinking about. If a user can publish hundreds of 256kb items, you can't very well return all of them without rsm paging.

  18. MattJ

    and while you're there, implement https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0478.html :)

  19. Guus

    I think Openfire already does that.

  20. MattJ

    Then while you're there, add it to your DOAP ;)

  21. Guus

    oh, yeah

  22. Guus

    we've got it in our supported XEP list, but not in the DOAP

  23. Guus

    we should fire someone

  24. Guus

    (likely me)

  25. Guus

    oh, we only do the advertising bit

  26. MattJ

    Maybe add it with a note 'advertising only'

  27. Guus

    `<xmpp:status>partial</xmpp:status>` right?

  28. MattJ


  29. MattJ

    and <xmpp:note xmln:lang='en'>Advertisement only</xmpp:note>

  30. Zash


  31. MattJ


  32. MattJ

    Obvious what my fingers wanted to type

  33. Zash

    Oh, I didn't even notice the typo :D

  34. Guus


  35. Zash

    suggestion: += `<xmpp:version>0.1.0</xmpp:version>`

  36. Guus


  37. theTedd

    In 0478: _"leads to problems with large stanzas causing connection outages, most often User Avatar (XEP-0084) [1] and XMPP Registrar Function (XEP-0053) [2] result stanzas"_ -- what are Registrar stanzas? 😜️ Should be XEP-0054?

  38. Zash

    off-by-one, at this time of year, localized entirely within this xep?

  39. theTedd

    The registry doesn't work because the stanzas are too large!

  40. Zash

    yes but also no

  41. moparisthebest

    Seems as good of a scapegoat as anything else