XSF Discussion - 2024-05-14

  1. rion

    Hi. A question about avatar conversion (xep-398). What's going to happen if I publish my vcard without photo? Will it reset avatar in pubsub?

  2. rion

    XEP says "A service MAY support conversion from vCard to PEP in order to display avatars in clients that only support XEP-0084.". I assume it means if two clients are connected (one publishing vcard and second one supporting just xep-84, then the second one MAY receive pubsub update). and that's all. From other side the xep insist all the control to be done via pubsub. So it's no clear should I always add an avatar to the publishing vcard or not.

  3. emus

    rion: can DM me on another topic?

  4. lbocquet