XSF Discussion - 2024-05-21

  1. cal0pteryx

    Should be online now

  2. edhelas

    Danke !

  3. edhelas

    Perfect 👌

  4. a


  5. a


  6. Menel

    MattJ: I didn't klick that but... Probably to remove ^

  7. jonas’

    it's harmless

  8. Guus

    it'...what he said.

  9. jonas’

    a repost of the picture edhel_s shared earlier

  10. Menel

    OK ok, joining, posting and leaving.. I didn't dare check

  11. edhelas

    > a repost of the picture edhel_s shared earlier ok j_nas'

  12. Alex

    I have just started memberbot for our current quarterly application period Q2-2024 listed here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q2_2024 When you are a member then feel free casting your votes. I will send a message to our list later.

  13. arne-bruen

    Thanks Alex!

  14. root

    Alex: thanks!

  15. inky


  16. inky

    oh it works here. i guess i have no voice in operators?

  17. Zash

    That sounds correct and by design.

  18. inky

    folks is this a correct place to discuss if my certificate is correct? i think it is ok, but psi and my friends' monal don't think so.

  19. MattJ

    You can use https://connect.xmpp.net as a quick test

  20. inky

    it says failed for my unicode domain.

  21. inky

    i guess that's because these clients i mentioned, and maybe the website too compare unicode representation to punicode which is in the certificate?

  22. inky

    but the real domain that i give to the client or to the test site should be in unicode, right?

  23. MattJ


  24. inky

    so can you check manually ծոց.հայ ? its punicode is xn--cbbu1a.xn--y9a3aq

  25. inky

    i don't understand what should i do to improve the situation. i get the punicode certificates. is it a client issue?

  26. inky

    can i think that my certificate is correct?

  27. inky

    and btw can i have a voice in operators?

  28. MattJ

    You need to publish your JID as a contact address: https://xmpp.org/community/channels/operators/#faqs

  29. MattJ

    The FAQ still says it's optional, but we recently made the decision to keep it permanently this way, at least for now

  30. inky

    ty, then i guess first i need to solve the certificate problem.

  31. MattJ

    No, that shouldn't be necessary - if you can join here then you will be able to join there

  32. MattJ

    I verified that connect.xmpp.net also fails with another Unicode domain

  33. inky

    i have this script, dumpcert, and i get certificates. but i get the certificates for punicode. and i guess it should be like that, right?

  34. MattJ


  35. inky

    so can you confirm that everything is right with my domain, just the clients don't know that punicode representation is the same as unicode representation?

  36. MattJ

    I don't have time to do a full manual verification right now, and I don't know which tool will work correctly (I don't think connect.xmpp.net does, now)

  37. Daniel

    Fwiw Conversations seems to be able to connect

  38. Daniel

    Which means it's either correct or both you and I made the same wrong assumptions about punycode domains

  39. MattJ

    Then I suspect the certs are fine, and anything failing to connect is buggy

  40. inky

    my dumpcert, i got it in one of the xmpp chats, maybe here, shows the certificates, but for punycode representation, but it should be like that.

  41. MattJ

    Since s2s works too

  42. inky

    thank you!

  43. Zash

    We don't enforce valid certificates here tho, so that says nothing

  44. MattJ

    certwatch.xmpp.net also fails (with another domain I tried)

  45. singpolyma

    Not shocking the punycode situation with xmpp makes me sad. But I should make it work if it doesn't

  46. MattJ

    I think you're wrong, but we can agree to disagree :)

  47. singpolyma

    Well iirc some domains cannot be used in a jid ever

  48. singpolyma

    Which feels problematic

  49. Vaidik

    Hey everyone, Vaidik here, this years's GSOC student. I am working on Monal client. Pleasure to meet you all !

    👍 1
  50. nicoco

    Hi Vaidik! Good luck 😊

  51. Vaidik

    Thanks :)

  52. MSavoritias fae.ve

    flow, mentioning from the @council room. we could also *remove* states and have a way for people to have non numbered things. for easier experimentation

  53. MSavoritias fae.ve

    there was a proposal somewhere

  54. MSavoritias fae.ve

    (i dont have write access in the council room)

  55. emus

    > Hey everyone, Vaidik here, this years's GSOC student. I am working on Monal client. Pleasure to meet you all ! 👍